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"And I trust you'll keep my secret, lest I take what I have given you, and I'll let you die without a second thought."
―Adriel to Areala

Adriel is a malevolent and highly intelligent extra-dimensional being from the Other-Realm. Originally thought to be an angel from Heaven who bestowed his Halo upon a dying warrior named Areala, he is revealed to be neither an angel nor a demon, but a being who possesses a superior physiology and advanced technology. He is able to control the Wraith-Demons and is a thief who stole the Halo, a portal key with immense power, which is a source of conflict to many in the Warrior Nun Universe.


The Coming of Adriel[]

During the Crusades, Adriel suddenly emerged through a portal, bearing the portal key and landed on Earth, where the soldiers present, began to kneel before him in religious awe, to his bewilderment. Suddenly, a Tarask emerged from a portal, and he began to run from it. He opted to go deeper into the city of battle to hide from it. Cutting through many soldiers, and also restarting the battle, the creature eventually caught up to Adriel, grabbing him by the neck and slamming him against the walls. He received a grievous injury to his eye that he healed almost instantaneously. The Tarask was about to impale him before he used the Halo to cut off its arm. As the monster attempted to bite his head off, he sliced off its head with the Halo, killing it.

Meeting the Crusaders after he killed it, he recognized that Areala was valued by them. He reassured them that he could save her, but in return, they had to aid him in killing Tarasks, which he falsely referred to as 'devils'. As the commanding soldier accepts, three more portals materialized, heralding the advent of more Tarasks. As the Tarasks are drawn to the Halo, he inserted the device into Areala's body, making her the first Warrior Nun in the process. As Areala's body dampened the energy of the Halo, the portals diminished and disappeared, and Adriel was free of the Tarasks for the time being.

As Areala recovered, Adriel and the Crusaders acquired the Tarask's corpse and melted it down, together with Adriel's Armor, where they constructed a variety of weaponry with the material. These items were rich in a durable and resilient material, which would be known in the future as Divinium. They constructed some of these weapons with the symbology of the crucifix, the Templar Crusaders and the Catholic Church, as part of Adriel's clever charade. These included the Divinium Shield and the Warrior Nun's Sword, with the latter purposefully made for use by the Warrior Nun to maximize their proficiency and chances of survival against the Tarasks, as he was certain that some would sneak through to Earth.

When Areala finally came to, he introduced himself as the man who saved her, after inquiring about her health. Saying that his name was Adriel, he informed Areala that he was what she would call an 'angel', as part of his façade. However, Areala was able to see through his lie and concluded that not only was he a charlatan, he was not a man nor an angel. Conceding, Adriel admitted that she was a smart girl, but not all were like that, and that most of the human race had religious tendencies and believed what they wanted to believe. In exchange for her keeping the Halo thus preserving her life, she was encouraged to remain silent, lest Adriel extract the Halo and let her die.

As part of their shared deception, Areala formed the Order of the Cruciform Sword, a collective of women dedicated to the Catholic Church who shared in the cause of fighting 'demons', a cause falsely championed by Areala and Adriel himself. She used the massive resources of the Catholic Church and her own experience as a Crusader to form the organization. He watched as the women trained to be great warriors. Together Adriel and Areala fought the Tarasks and Wraith-Demons together with The Order of the Cruciform Sword for many years. They melted down the corpses of the Tarasks they killed to create weaponry, with the material being renamed Divinium. As part of the fabricated story, Adriel was said to be an angel who bestowed upon Areala his Halo and became a prominent mentor figure in the OCS.


Years later, Pope Urban II became aware of Areala's abilities, and wished to keep the power for himself and the Catholic Church. He conspired with Areala, in the beginning to kill Adriel, but they soon realized it was next to impossible to do so. They opted to imprison him indefinitely in the Catacombs, an underground cave system. Knowing that Adriel may reveal the secret that he was not an angel, it would rob the Catholic Church's power of religion. They thus decided to rewrite the true story of Adriel's first interaction with mankind to keep their sway over the masses. To prevent a revolt by the loyal members of the OCS, they fabricated a story explaining his disappearance.

The Legends Rise[]

The Catholic Church, under the direction of Urban II, expanded on the false history of Adriel's identity and first contact with man. In the expanded tall tale, Adriel was a 'messenger from God' out to save Areala as 'her journey wasn't finished'. In typical flowery jargon used by the Catholic Church at that time, it is said that Adriel gave up his Halo to Areala, that was of course 'floating' on his head. After making the 'great sacrifice' that 'was the only way', he inserted the Halo into her. Areala was saved and reborn as the first Warrior Nun.

Long after Adriel's imprisonment, Areala was mortally wounded by a Tarask, and the OCS finding a way to extract and reinsert the Halo (with the Extractor) passed on the Halo to a successor, the second Warrior Nun, who unbeknownst to her, continued the charade. Urban II was the only other person with the secret, and maintained the lie until his eventual death. Subsequent Warrior Nuns, Popes, members of the Catholic Church and the Order of the Cruciform Sword were largely unaware of the truth in the following years. According to the fabricated history, Adriel extracted the Halo from a dying Areala and gave it to the second Warrior Nun, continuing the legacy.

According to Urban II's fabrication, Adriel oversaw the rise of the OCS, but due to the loss of the Halo, aged like a man and died. He was said to be buried in the Necropolis, that was now said to be a 'tomb of honor', as people were given a chance to bury their loved ones there upon their deaths. Adriel, regardless of his imprisonment, was a very powerful being and his energy radiated from his prison. Decades after his imprisonment and supposed 'death', people living near the Necropolis felt immense power radiating from his 'tomb'. Becoming a destination of pilgrimage, it is said that people were healed there of many sicknesses and others brought back from the dead. This power also enhanced human physicality to the point where people could defeat their enemies, caused by just a visit to the Necropolis. Enhancing good and evil people alike, its reputation as a holy site and a place of power became legend.

The OCS, together with the Catholic Church, decided that the Necropolis' power was too powerful for ordinary people to withstand. They rebuilt and fortified the Necropolis preventing entry, and marked Adriel's prison with symbols and the Latin words 'Et Defunctis Requiem' meaning 'Let the dead rest' to frighten grave robbers, and unbeknownst to them, to seal the lie in stone that Adriel was dead. The Necropolis was forgotten for many years until by coincidence, the Catholic Church built their permanent headquarters over the tomb, that would eventually be known as Vatican City that is situated in present day Rome. The imprisoned Adriel endured, planning his escape and vengeance on the OCS, the Catholic Church and the world, with his simmering hatred for them growing with time. The Tarasks, however, did not stop trying to get to Adriel, as many of their corpses were trapped in the wall of his prison as they died trying to get to him.

Modern Day[]

An Act of Desperation[]

Adriel had been trapped in his prison for centuries. His resentment for humanity and the Catholic Church doubled. Fed up with imprisonment, he tried a method of last resort: calling out to his armor. As he had used some of it to create many Divinium artefacts, he sensed that they had spread out across the planet, as they had been reshaped to other items or fused as an alloy in other materials. He realized he could use it as a kind of a microphone and receiver: to hear, sense and communicate through. In the late 20th Century, some people had grown fond of adorning their bodies with drawings on their bodies called 'tattoos', he became aware of a man named Vincent. Divinium was eventually used as component in tattooing dyes, and the man had unknowingly tattooed himself with the extra-dimensional element, that had fragments of Adriel's Armor within.

Manipulating Vincent[]

In the late 20th Century, young Vincent was a drug-runner for the Cartels. He was extremely good at it and was always on time whilst being valued for his loyalty and discretion. Adriel became aware of this and used Vincent's tattoos to learn more about him: his likes, personality,belief, mental state and other traits in an overall attempt to manipulate him. Eventually Vincent was promoted to an enforcer due to his exemplary service. Severely intoxicated by money and pleasure,he lost control. This provided Adriel a golden opportunity: religion. Adriel manipulated Vincent's senses and view on morality, eventually turning him into his worshipper by whispering into his ear that he was an 'angel' and that he wanted him to 'see the light'. He later urged him to join the Catholic Church as a priest. Over the years, Adriel eventually revealed the truth about himself to a now fully pliable Vincent, who had become a Father. He urged him to gain contact with one of the Catholic Church's hidden organisations, the Order of the Cruciform Sword. He also urged him to craft a story to cover how he joined the Church. Vincent eventually became the leader and overseer of the OCS on behalf of the Church. Adriel was now indirectly close to the Halo and they began to craft a scheme of acquiring it from its current wielder, Shannon Masters.

Manipulating Michael Salvius[]

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The Death of Shannon Masters[]

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The Rise of Ava Silva[]

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A Visitation[]

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Battling the Sister Warriors[]

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Physical Appearance[]

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"You're not an angel."
"No, I'm not."
Ava Silva and Adriel

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Powers and Abilities[]


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    • Wraith Manipulation: To be added
    • Halo Manipulation: To be added
    • Water Manipulation: To be added
    • Power Bestowal: To be added
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    • Resurrection: To be added


  • Genius Intelligence: To be added
  • Master Tactician: To be added
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  • The Halo: To be added
  • The Warrior Nun's Sword: To be added


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Father Vincent[]

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Michael Salvius[]

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Memorable Quotes[]

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  • William Miller appears in a guest starring role in the first season of Warrior Nun. He appears in a starring role in the second season, appearing in all episodes except the premiere, "Galatians 6:4-5."



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