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Areala of Cordoba was the first Warrior Nun and owner of the Halo. She was a fierce warrior who was devoted to God and spent her lifetime fighting in His name. She set up The Order of the Cruciform Sword to train women to fight against evil.



According to legend, Areala was a fierce warrior who was gravely injured in battle during the First Crusade. The Angel Adriel came down from heaven to heal her because her journey was not complete. Because of the extent of her injuries the only way to save her was to give up a part of himself, his halo, which healed her and gave her other powers but was a great sacrifice to him. He then encouraged her to set up the Order of the Cruciform Sword in order to train other women to fight against evil.


Areala was born a non-believer in God. When she was young, her family's land was seized by invaders and her parents killed, leaving her orphaned. She spent years lost without purpose until she found God and then spent the rest of her life fighting in the name of God.[1]

During the First Crusade, she was gravely injured during battle. Adriel, a demon, passed through the battle field while fighting a Tarask. He sees the injured Areala and those who surrounded her as she was dying and decided to save her. He forced the Halo, a powerful and mystical weapon, into her back which then stopped the creatures from chasing him as well as healing Areala.[2]

After she had healed, she created a band of female warriors, later called the Order of the Cruciform Sword, who she trained to fight demons who had risen from hell.[1]

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  • How much of her history is true and how much is legend is unknown, aside from what was revealed to Ava in the episode Revelation 2:10.
  • The name Areala comes from Warrior Nun Areala, the title of the original comic series on which the television series Warrior Nun is based. Within the comics, "Warrior Nun Areala" is the title given to the individual who serves the role that is known as simply "Warrior Nun" within the television series, based on the original Warrior Nun, known as Auria and later Aureala.