Ava Silva[1] is a character on Netflix's Warrior Nun. She is portrayed by Alba Baptista.

Ava is tasting freedom for the first time in her young life after being liberated from an abusive orphanage and a prison of her mind and body. As a result, she wants to experience everything at once, and she can be reckless in her ambition.

History[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Ava was a quadriplegic for twelve years, orphaned at the age of 7 when her mother died in a car accident involving them both. Nothing is revealed about her father other than that “he is not in the picture,” and that they didn't have any family in Spain, where she and her mother were on holiday. She was taken in by St. Michael's Orphanage, where it is shown in various flashbacks that she was mentally and verbally abused by her caretaker, Sister Frances.

According to Ava's file, written by her caretaker Sister Frances, Ava committed suicide by overdosing on painkillers [2], however, it is later revealed near the end of episode 4 that the overdose was administered by Sister Frances.

During the first episode, A sister places the Halo artifact inside the corpse of 19-year-old Ava to keep it protected. The holy relic resurrects Ava, and gifts her with her abilities.

Throughout the Series[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

The Surgeon inserting The Halo into Ava's dead body.

Being chased by targets the Surgeon goes into a room and inserts the Halo into Ava's dead body. After the surgeon inserts the Halo into Ava's dead body, Ava starts to shake and have all sort of memories while the Halo is processing, Ava wakes up shrieking from the pain. She rolls off the table and falls on the ground and gets up with trouble on her feet. Standing she sees a screeching man possessed by a demon who's trying to kill her but she picks up the Halo-holder and hits him into ash. She runs knowing that she's not dreaming. On the street 3 men approaches her and she vomits on one of them, while she apologizes to him a truck hits her and she phases into a wall of a soccer clothing store. She got hurt landing into the store and heals pretty fast.[1]

Ava visiting Diego.

She walks to the orphanage and sneaks in to see Diego who thought that it was a dream that she was there and she tells him that she is really there, alive and different. She tells him about her power and he says to her that she can let no one see her at the orphanage. She disappears before Sister Frances and Father Vincent enter the room.[1]

Ava eating.

Back on the streets from the beach, she sees a demon wandering and follows it. She stops following it and goes into a bar and danced it off, a woman approaches her and offers her beer, she drinks it and spits it out and pushes a bouncer who warned her not to spit on the ground. In the morning, goes on someone's property and jumps into the pool realizing that she can't swim. She screams for help and JC rescues her. He gives her food and eats really greedy. After she told JC, Chanel, Randall and Zori that some people are looking for her, he offers her to stay a few nights.[1]

Ava dancing with JC in the club.

On the beach she says to him that she may need his help to figure out some stuff. In the night she went to a party with them, she dances with JC even takes ecstasy to get JC to look kiss her. Dancing with JC she sees a demon and follows it to the bathroom and walks back to JC hugs him saying something to him and then the two left the club.[1]

Ava and JC on the beach.

The next day JC offers to help her set up the shower. Talking with her he asks her about the Halo's mark/scar and tells him that she got it from a car accident. At breakfast she leaves the table and tells his that she doesn't need him to rescue her again. goes to the beach. JC joins her on the beach and tells her about his mother dying of cancer.[3]

Ava and JC were about to kiss, before getting the message.

Later on the day they attend an evening at ARQ-Tech. Inside JC tells her to looks sharp and dances with her, while dancing he made a guard trip and motioned for Ava to steal his access card to let Chanel, Randall and Zori in from the back exit. Walking back to the party she sees a wheelchair with a neural net in on of the rooms and she and JC ride through the hallway. Wandering she sees a artifact, they go into the room and says to JC that it reacts to her, they have a moment and just how they are about to kiss, JC gets a message to get out of there.[3]

Ava after throwing the artifact at the Tarask.

Running from security, Ava sees a boy in a room. Eva tells JC about the boy locked in the room and he says to her that if they don't get out of there they will be lock up too. He open the door and expecting Ava to follow him but instead she stays and locks the door. She goes back to the room and tries to open the door, but the alarm goes off. She stops running and explains to the guard that she didn't do anything. Behind her a portal opens up and the guards runaway, out of the portal a Tarask come out and she screams and runs and hides in a room. The Nuns come to her rescue and the Tarask go back into its realm when she throws a divinium artifact at it. She tries to runaway from the Nuns and Father Vincent and Sister Beatrice injects her with something to sleep.[3]

Ava levitating.

At the church, she wakes scared, up tied to a bed. The Halo reacts to her emotions and begins high-pitched ringing and phase through the bed. Sister Beatrice tells her to calm down and she asks them whats going on with her. With the Halo high-pitched ringing growing louder, she releases a shock wave blasting herself, Beatrice and Lilith to the walls. Looking at the art of Areala, Father Vincent tells her about Areala who was not born a believer and found God and gives her a transcript to read about Areala where she gets to know more about the Halo. He tells her about the Tarask and she asks him about the Wraith Demons. He tells her that the Halo not only gives her the ability of sight but also the ability to kill demons and she tells him that she's no hunter.[2]

With all the information, she asks him to take the weekend and think things over and walks outside he follows her and tells her that he can't let her leave. With the vest on the Demon can't sense her he tells her. Her first training day, she meets Mother Superion, who tells her that the Halo acts like a amplifier and enhance whatever natural ability she possess. She tells Mother Superion that she can heal, see demons, pass through things and levitate. Lilith arrives and tells Mother Superion that she experienced Ava levitate. She isn't paying attention by talking too much and Lilith knocks her off her feet with a stick.[2]

Ava first training session.

Mother Superion tells her that they need to assess her physical and emotional conditioning, because the Halo psychological and physical are intertwined and that she can't master the one without the other. Thinking that she done with Sister Lilith, Sister Lilith slaps her with the stick. They fight, Lilith hits her with the stick and it phases through her instead. Thinking that it phase through her Lilith hits on her stomach and she falls on her knees, Lilith keep hitting her with anger and she doesn't feel anything, but Mother Superion stops Lilith.[2]

Ava and Beatrice

She slides next to Sister Beatrice in the cafeteria, who tells her that life will come along if she didn't treat everything as a joke and says to her that she can't help. Sister Beatrice tella her that the Halo belonged to someone, Sister Shannon. She tells Ava what Shannon was like and Ava tells her that she not Shannon and everything happening isn't her. Beatrice tells her that all of the Nun have their own past and that none of it matters when she realizes that not everything is about her.[2]

Ava and father Vincent.

That next day, Father Vincent asks her to trust him, but she has conditions. She asks him to let Sister Camila stop following her. During her training session with Sister Lilith, they hear a vibration, Lilith throws her the Cruciform Sword, Instead of taking the sword she phase through the walls. Phasing she ends up in the office of Mother Superion with her ankle stuck into the walls. Lilith comes in the room and shows her that it was a device with vibrating sound and she realizes that is a test. Mother Superion asks Lilith for a moment only with Ava, she tells Ava about her file and her ankle phases out of the wall.[2]

She tells Mother Superion not to trust what she read. Mother Superion tells her that she killed herself overdosed on pain medication and Ava denied it. Mother Superion throws everything written in the file at her and tells her that she is a coward.

Ava huging Beatrice.

Father Vincent and Sister Beatrice walk in and he stops Mother Superion from humiliating Ava and she hugs Sister Beatrice crying. In the Crypt she tells Beatrice that she didn't kill herself and Beatrice tells her that mustn't let Mother Superion get to her messing with her head. She asks Beatrice if she believes her and Beatrice tells her that she is thoughtless and self-centered, but not dishonest. Walking into Father Vincent's office she meets Shotgun Mary. Ava reading the transcript about Areala, a Nun brings Father Vincent some paperwork at the door and she gets the chance to runaway, leaving him a note saying the she wants to live.[2]

Back on the streets living her live, she sees a man following a woman and follows them she tries to help the woman but it is a setup and they beat her and the man and stab her. In the morning on the beach she sees someone with a hood and starts running and stops running hearing JC's voice calling her to her name. He asks her what happened to her and she tells him that she had a fight with another girl. At the house, Chanel helps her find her style. When she comes out of the room styled JC says to her that she looks perfect. Zori and Randall arrive, Zori asks JC what Ava is doing there and if he told her that they are leaving the house, because Jillian Salvius was looking for her. Ava asks them to go, disappear because they are her only friend, but Zori tells her that she's radioactive. Zori and JC get into a heat discussion about her and she asks them to stop, they just go on and she releases a shock wave, causing the walls to crack. She apologizes and walks away.[4]

Sitting on the wall watching the view, JC approaches her to know how she's doing, she tells him that she's getting by. He asks her if she wants to talk about Jillian Salvius being after her and she says no then she apologize for screw up thing for him and his friends and says to him that it was nice knowing him. She was about to walk aways and he asks her if he can go with her and tells her that he and the other have come to the end of their road after she asked what about them and let him go with her. Arrived at the Ferry Station, she couldn't leave, because she feels that there is wrong and unfinished. She get flashbacks of Sister Frances injecting her with some sort of liquid and does the same to Diego, she runs away he follows her and she tells him to buy tickets and that she trust him leaving him by himself.[4]

At the Orphanage she opens the door and tells Sister Frances who is about to inject Diego to stop. At first Sister Frances thought it was another child, but sees that it's Ava when the light shines on Ava'a face. Ava says to her that she killed her and she says to Ava that she cared, sacrifice her live for Ava. Sister Frances walks out of the room saying that Ava is a devil send from Hell aiming the cross at Ava, Ava follows her and says to her that she is one. She tells Ava that she lost count over the year of how many children she killed. She screams to Sister Frances that she's a murderer, but Sister Frances says to her that she's a savior. Ava asks her to give her the syringe, she pretends to give it to Ava and injects Ava with it. The injection weaken Ava for a few seconds until the Halo begins to glow and she stands up and chokes Sister Frances to the wall and Sister Frances tries to get out of the choke by trying to take out Ava's eyes, but breaks her neck. Diego comes out the room and she apologizes to him for seeing everything that happened. He tells her to go before she gets in trouble. She says to him the she'll miss him and to her that he'll see her back in heaven and runs away. She walks thru the halls of the orphanage with doubts about killing Sister Frances in self defense or not. Outside she sees Sister Lilith waiting for her, she thinks that Lilith was there to take her back to the Church, but Lilith tells her that she only needs part of her and circles the sword as the form of the Halo.[4]

Sister Lilith fights, but she doesn't fight back, Lilith was about to kill her and Mary saves her from Lilith by fighting Lilith and she gets a chance to runaways. She goes back to the station thinking JC left, but he waited for her. She asks him to go and tells him that some people are looking for her. On the ferry she waves for Mary and Lilith and shows them her middle finger with a smile on her face. JC brings her a t-shirt in the bathroom and sees blood on her are upper arm and ask her for an explanation, she than tell him that they will need a drink if she'll give him an explanation.[5]

She tells him that she took some a very weird old ring from the people who are after her and she doesn't want to show it to him. She also tells him about being an orphan, her accident and her father not being in the picture. They go outside and he asks her to choose a postcard and they'll go there. He tells her that he wished he was her, because she's seeing somethings for the first time and she takes his hand and begins touching it with her and having a moment. In the moment, he says her that they need to go to the bathroom to hide to not get off the ferry. In the bathroom, she kissed him and have sex with each other. Lying in JC's arms she get up to get another drink, at the bar Mary approaches her and says to her that Lilith will be there if she doesn't go with her and gives her the chance to go say her goodbyes to JC. She goes and wakes JC up and runsaway from Mary and Lilith.[5]

Running away with JC, Lilth takes after them and she goes in a warehouse. JC tells her that he doesn't want to runaway with her unless she tells him what is happening. Lilith arrives and the warehouse and knocks JC out, Ava throws a few punches at her and Lilith kicks her down and grab her into an arm-lock.The Halo starts to glow and lights go on and off. Lilith stabs her with a Divinium knife in her back and Mary gets Lilith off her back and gets the knife out of her back. When the Halo was glowing the Tarask sense the energy and comes out of a portal and tries to kill Ava but runs in front of Ava and gets killed instead and says to Ava to pick up the sword. She picks up the sword and she cuts the Tarask with it. It disappears into its portal with Lilith. Ava scared, gasping and crying about what just happened phases through the wall and leaves Mary and JC.[5]

Mary follows her through the mountain and she says to Mary that she's not going back. Mary tells her that she keeps losing people with Ava around. Ava they have a discussion about Lilith's death and she tells Ava that it would make things a lot easier if Lilith had killed her. Eva pushes Mary and tells her to finish it, instead Mary grabs and says to her that she if she wanted to she could have done it a long time ago and pushes her to the ground. Mary walks away and leave her alone, she takes another direction and later goes to Mary and helps her with her foot. Mary tells her that she doesn't want to do anything with her, she tells Ava about a city 15 kilometer from where they are and she gets up and goes in direction of the city. Sitting on the cliff of the mountain, Mary approaches her and kicks her off the cliff.[6]

They spend the night in a cave, Mary tells Ava that she isn't a Nun and tells her about herself and how she ended up at the Church. Mary hands her a divinium knife to cut out the Halo if being her is a burden. Mary gets up and offers to do it, but Ava scard, afraid grabs her arm and throws her on the ground. In the morning, they end up in a city where OCS spent some time a year ago. Ava finds out from the people about a eruption of Evil. The people offer them food and Mary tells her about the eruption. Mary gets up and the server sits down with her and tells her about his wife being prossessed. Mary and Ava take a walk and talk about Cardinal Duretti who may have a hand in Sister Shannon's death and trying to consolidate power. Before Mary walks away she tells Ava if she wants to go she can go and do her.[6]

They go in a Church and Mary tells her that the priest was one of the persons possessed by a demon. Ava asks him how it was being possessed and tells her that he doesn't remember much, but it felt like being a passenger in his own live. He offers them a place to sleep for the nights. In the morning she sees no one until she sees everyone watching the sunset, she joins them. Later she gives Mary and .. a hand in the kitchen and Mary tells her that she can have what she has. After she served a few tables she sees a man possessed by a demon, she and Mary follow the man to a store. They fight him, in the back Mary watch and tell her what to do to save the man and she finally kills the demon with the divinium knife Mary gave her. On the streets, Mary says to her to stay on more night and keep an eye on for anything weird and after that she can go wherever she wants to. Ava walks Mary to her ride and before Mary walks aways she gives her the divinium knife and says to her that she hopes Ava finds what she is looking for.[6]

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ava is a slim, young Caucasian woman in her late teens, with notably rounded features. She has a light tan skin tone, straight brown hair reaching beyond her shoulders, but above her bust with honey brown eyes. Her hair can look blonde in the sun. Despite spending almost all of her life paralysed she is in relatively healthy shape.

Personality[edit | edit source]


Best of Ava Warrior Nun Netflix

Ava has a very complex personality, she is highly curious, naïve, with very limited experience of life due to her very restricted early life, however, is capable of showing kindness and consideration towards others as shown with JC and Beatrice, as an atheist, she believes that she doesn't have the right to serve God or The Church and can do whatever she wants, therefore is rebellious against the church and their pleads to help them. Later on, however she does exorcise demons out of people and tries to rid the world of demons for good, (as an associate of The Order of The Crucifix Sword). She also pledges to become the last Warrior Nun to stop many other girls from dying in agony. She goes from being self-absorbed and selfish to a courageous fighter and believer in God.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Shock-Wave: Able to make a shockwave if under enough stress
  • Phase: With the holy relic inside of her she is capable of phasing through walls and objects
  • Healing: Ava's body is capable of healing faster than an average person, however, she is vulnerable to Divinium.
  • Enhanced Strength: Ava is much stronger than a normal human. She is able to knock a grown man across a room with a single tap and without intending to.
  • Levitate: Having the ability to levitate in times of need, or when asleep.
  • Physical Invulnerability: As seen when Lilith first trains with her, Ava can become completely immune to physical attacks. When she first returned to life, Ava was shown shortly after to be able to withstand a truck hitting her with enough force to plow her through a building which she was able to withstand mainly in one piece.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

JC[edit | edit source]

The two first met when Ava jumped into a random swimming pool on a residence, then called for help (as she didn't know how to swim); JC appeared out of the house, rescued Ava out of the pool and then fed her at the garden table. He agrees to let her stay at the villa for a few nights, which he and his acquaintances are borrowing from a rich couple from Saudi Arabia. Ava becomes attracted to JC from first sight, and the two develop a sexual attraction, never developing romatic feelings. However Ava leaves him whilst the two were on the run, when JC witnesses a demon coming to Earth and taking Lilith with it.

Beatrice[edit | edit source]

The two really connect when Ava sits next to her during a monastery meal, the two chat about former Halo wielder, Sister Shannon. The next day Ava is reprimanded by Mother Superion, leaving her crying, she speaks and is comforted by Beatrice. The two grow closer to each other and Beatrice provides emotional and intellectual support, the two also working closely together when they infiltrate the Vatican. Their connection becomes evident when Ava is the first person to whom Beatrice clearly tells that she is different from the other nuns (She is a Lesbian). From then on their connection becomes even stronger, during their time together, Beatrice says that Ava is the first person who does not try to make her something that she is not, then, their connection strengthened (with hints towards Ava's bisexuality in future seasons), evident later when Ava exhausts her powers saving Bea from rogue nuns, then they shared a private smile when Ava is injured. Later in the season the hints of mutual attraction become more evident, when Ava tells what she really fears to Beatrice who resppondes that Ava will never again be alone and then they tenderly hug after Ava finally manages to phase through 20 feet of concrete, when they share a sweet and tender moment after Beatrice reads one of the entries in the Warrior Nuns diaries, then in the catacombs Ava and Beatrice involve themselves in joyful banter, displaying the continuous development of their relationship.

Mary[edit | edit source]

Mary came across Ava's corpse, when she and the other Nuns were fighting Assassins who eventually murdered her best friend Shannon, just before she died, the halo was removed from Shannon., a nun handled it in a pair of mental sticks and then placed it into Ava's body, it brought her to life. Since then, Mary worked hard to protect Ava and lead her in the way of becoming a warrior nun, despite her refusals. She also follows and works hard to track Ava down during her rebellious adventure away from the monastery, even paying for a portrait of her and asking people of her whereabouts and sustaining injuries along the way. Despite getting off to a bad start, Ava comes to respect Mary for her strength and bravery.

Lilith[edit | edit source]

They did not get along so well since Lilith has a grudge against Ava. When Shannon died she was to be the next halo bearer but she couldn't as Ava was revived by the halo and removing it could kill her. This, along with the encouragement of Duretti, made Lilith attempt to kill Ava. She fought with Mary many times in trying to kill Ava, but when she finally caught up with Ava and was going to kill her, a Tarasc 'demon' appeared and took Lilith to 'hell' (it is unclear if Tarascs are from hell or some other realm). When she returned, she accepted that Ava had the halo and apologized to her. Lilith is later revealed to have gained powers, thus making her the only other human currently having powers.

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