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Ava Silva[1] is a character on Netflix's Warrior Nun. She is portrayed by Alba Baptista.

Ava is tasting freedom for the first time in her young life after being liberated from an abusive orphanage. As a result, she wants to experience everything at once, and can be neglectful of her duties as the Warrior Nun. However, following the return of Adriel, she becomes more devoted to her duties, throwing her all into the fight to the point of being willing to sacrifice her life if needed.



Ava was a quadriplegic for twelve years, orphaned at the age of 7 when her mother died in a car accident involving them both. Nothing is revealed about her father other than that he was absent. She didn't have any family in Spain, where she and her mother were on holiday. She was taken in by St. Michael's Orphanage, where it is shown in various flashbacks that she was mentally and verbally abused by her caretaker, Sister Frances.

According to Ava's file, written by her caretaker Sister Frances, Ava committed suicide by overdosing on painkillers [2]. However, it is later revealed near the end of Ecclesiasticus 26:9-2, that the overdose was administered by Sister Frances.

During the first episode, a sister places the Halo artifact inside the corpse of 19-year-old Ava to keep it protected. The holy relic resurrects Ava, and gifts her with special abilities.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Ava throughout 01

The Surgeon inserting The Halo into Ava's dead body.

Being chased by enemies, the Surgeon goes into a room and embedded the Halo into Ava's dead body. After that, Ava starts to convulse and have all sorts of memories. Ava wakes up shrieking from the pain. She rolls off the table, falls onto the ground and stumbles onto her feet. Standing, she sees a screeching man possessed by a demon trying to kill her. She picks up the Halo-holder and turns him into ash. She runs, knowing that she's not dreaming.

On the street, three men approach her and she vomits on one of them. While Ava apologizes to him, a truck hits her, causing her to phase through a wall of a soccer clothing store. She got hurt landing into the store and heals really quickly.[1]

Ava throughout 02

Ava visiting Diego.

She walks to the orphanage and sneaks in to see Diego who thought that it was a dream. She tells him that she actually is alive and different. She tells him about her power and he warns that she must let no one see her at the orphanage. She disappears before Sister Frances and Father Vincent enter the room.[1]

Ava throughout 03

Ava eating.

Back on the streets from the beach, she sees a demon wandering and follows it. However, she stops following it and goes into a bar. A woman approaches her and offers her beer. She drinks it and spits it out, accidentally pushing a bouncer who warned her not to spit on the ground.

In the morning, Ava trespasseses on someone's property and jumps into the pool. Realizing that she can't swim, she screams for help. JC heard her and rescues her. He gives her food which she eats greedily. After she tells JC, Chanel, Randall and Zori that some people are looking for her, he offers her to let her stay with them for a few nights.[1]

Ava throughout 04

Ava dancing with JC in the club.

On the beach, she tells him that she may need his help to figure out some things. At night, she goes to a party with them. She dances with JC, even takes ecstasy to get JC to kiss her. While dancing, she sees a demon and follows it to the bathroom. She goes back to JC, hugging and telling him something. They then leave the club.[1]

Ava throughout 05

Ava and JC on the beach.

The next day, JC offers to help her set up the shower. He asks her about the Halo's mark/scar and she lies, saying she got it from a car accident. At breakfast, she leaves the table, not wanting JC's help. She runs away to the beach. JC joins her and tells her about his mother dying of cancer.[3]

Ava throughout 06

Ava and JC were about to kiss, before getting the message.

Later that day, they attend an event at ARQ-Tech. Inside, JC tells her to looks sharp and dances with her. While dancing, he trips a guard and motions for Ava to steal his access card to let Chanel, Randall and Zori in from the back exit. She sees a wheelchair with a neural net in one of the rooms which she and JC uses to ride through the hallway. Ava sees an artifact while wandering around. They go into the room and she tells JC about how it reacted to her presence. They have a moment and are just about to kiss when JC gets a message to get out of there.[3]

Ava throughout 07

Ava after throwing the artifact at the Tarask.

While running from security, Ava sees a boy in a room. She tells JC about the boy but he refuses to help, thinking they will be locked up too. He expects Ava to follow him. Instead, she locks the door. She goes back to the room and tries to open the door, but the alarm goes off. She stops running and explains to the guard that she didn't do anything.

Behind her a portal opens up and the guards runaway. A Tarask emerges from the portal, eliciting a scream from Ava. She runs and hides in a room. The Nuns come to her rescue and the Tarask go back into its realm when she throws a divinium artifact at it. She tries to run away from the Nuns and Father Vincent but Sister Beatrice injects her with a sedative.[3]

Ava throughout 08

Ava levitating.

At the church, she wakes scared and tied to a bed. The Halo reacts to her negative emotions. There was a high-pitched ringing as Ava phased through the bed. Sister Beatrice calms her down. With the noise growing louder, Ava releases a shockwave which blasted herself, Beatrice and Lilith back against the walls. While looking at the art of Areala, Father Vincent tells her about Areala who was not born a believer but found God. He gives her a transcript to read where she gets to know more about the Halo. He tells her about the Tarask. Ava questions him about Wraith Demons. He tells her that the Halo not only gives her the ability of sight but also the ability to kill demons.[2]

With all that information, Ava requests for a break to think things through. She exits the church with Father Vincent following her. He reveals that she can't leave due to the Demons hunting her. The only thing protecting her is the vest which prevents Demons from sensing the Halo's energy.

Her first training day, she meets Mother Superion, who tells her that the Halo enhances whatever natural ability she possesses. She tells Mother Superion that she can heal, see demons, phase through solid objects and levitate. Lilith arrives and tells Mother Superion that she experienced Ava levitating. When she isn't paying attention, Lilith knocks her off her feet with a baton.[2]

Ava throughout 09

Ava first training session.

Mother Superion wants to assess her physical and emotional conditioning as she can't master the one without the other. They fight, Sister Lilith hits her with the stick but it phases through her. Lilith continually hits her but Ava doesn't feel anything. Mother Superion stops Lilith in the end.[2]

Ava throughout 10

Ava and Beatrice

Ava slides next to Sister Beatrice in the cafeteria, who tells her not to treat everything like a joke. Beatrice tells her that the Halo belonged to someone else—Sister Shannon. She tells Ava about Shannon. Ava feels like the expectations were too high and says that she is her own person. Beatrice tells her that all of the Nuns have their own past. However, none of it matter as not everything is about one person.[2]

Ava throughout 11

Ava and father Vincent.

That next day, Father Vincent asks her to trust him, but she has conditions. She asks him to tell Sister Camila to stop following her. During her training session with Sister Lilith, they hear a vibration. Lilith throws her the Cruciform Sword. Instead of taking the sword she phase through the walls. Ava ends up in the office of Mother Superion with her ankle stuck into the walls. Lilith comes in the room and shows her that it was a device that caused the vibrstions and she realizes that it was a test. Mother Superion asks for a moment with Ava, during which she tells Ava about her file. Ava's ankle eventually phases out of the wall.[2]

She tells Mother Superion not to trust what she read. Mother Superion tells her that she killed herself overdosed on pain medication and Ava denies it. Mother Superion throws the file at her and calls her a coward.

Ava throughout 12

Ava huging Beatrice.

Father Vincent and Sister Beatrice walk in and he stops Mother Superion from humiliating Ava. She hugs Sister Beatrice, crying. In the Crypt, she tells Beatrice that she didn't kill herself and Beatrice tells her not to let Mother Superion mess with her head. She asks if Beatrice believes her, prompting Beatrice to admit that she is thoughtless and self-centered, but not dishonest.

Walking into Father Vincent's office, Ava meets Shotgun Mary. Ava then reads the transcript about Areala, and a Nun brings Father Vincent some paperwork at the door. This gives Ava a chance to run away, leaving him a note saying the she wants to live her life.[2]

Back on the streets, Ava sees a man stalking a woman. She follows them and tries to help the woman, but it was a trap. They beat and stab her. In the morning, on the beach, she sees a hooded person. Ava starts running but stops after hearing JC's voice.

Ava tells him that she had a fight with another girl. At the house, Chanel helps her find her style. JC praises her outfit. Zori and Randall arrive, Zori gets angry with Ava's presence because Jillian Salvius was looking for her. Ava asks them to leave. Zori and JC get into a heat discussion about Ava. This made her release a shock wave, causing the walls to crack. She apologizes and walks away.[4]

JC approaches her to know how she's doing which Ava was sitting against a wall. She tells him that she's getting by. He asks her if she wants to talk about Jillian Salvius which she rejected. Ava then apologizes for screwing things up for him and his friends. She was about to leave when he proposed he follow her. After Ava asks about the group, JC admits that they were done.

When they arrived at the Ferry Station, Ava couldn't leave, because she feels that things are wrong and unfinished. She gets flashbacks of Sister Frances injecting her with a drug and then doing the same to Diego. Ava runs away and JC follows her. Ava tells JC to buy tickets for the ferry before leaving him.[4]

At the Orphanage, Ava stops Sister Frances from injecting Diego with a drug. Initially, Sister Frances thought it was another child, but sees that it's Ava when the light shines on Ava's face. Sister Frances confesses that she killed her, but says she cared for Ava. Sister Frances walks out of the room calling Ava a devil sent from Hell. Thus, aiming the cross at Ava. She tells Ava that she lost count over the year of how many childrenn she killed.

Ava screams at Sister Frances and told her she was a murderer, but Sister Frances says she was a saviour. Ava asks her to give her the syringe, she pretends to give it to Ava and injects Ava with it. The injection weaken Ava for a few seconds until the Halo begins to glow. After gaining enough strength, zhe stands up and strangles Sister Frances. Sister Frances tries to get out by aiming at Ava's eyes, but Ava breaks her neck.

Diego exits his room and she apologizes, feeling sorry that he had to see everything that happened. He tells her to go before she gets in trouble. She says she'll miss him and thay he'll see her back in heaven before running away. She walks through the halls of the orphanage with doubts about killing Sister Frances. Outside she sees Sister Lilith waiting for her, which made her think that Lilith was there to take her back to the Church. However, Lilith only wanted the Halo.[4]Sister Lilith fights, but Ava doesn't fight back.Mary eventually saves her, giving Ava a chance to run.

Ava goes back to the station thinking JC left, but sees him there. She warns that she was being followed to discourage JC from going with her. Mary and Lilith saw her leaving on the ferry but aren't able to follow. When JC brings Ava a t-shirt in the bathroom, and sees blood on her arm, he asks her for an explanation. She redirects the conversation by saying they'll need alcohol.[5]

She tells him a half-truth, about being an orphan, her accident and her absent father. JC takes her outside, making her choose a postcard with pictures of places. He wishes he was her, to experience things for the first time. They have a moment after Ava takes his hand.

Lilth takes after them and enters a warehouse. JC isn't willing to leave with Ava without knowing the full situation. Lilith arrives and knocks JC out. Ava throws a few punches at her, but Lilith defeats her. The Halo glows, causing the lights to flicker. Lilith stabs Ava with a Divinium knife. Mary pulls Lilith off her back and removed the knife.

A Tarask sensed the energy from the Halo and exits a portL. Lilith got the Divinium sword, and runs at Ava with it. However, Lilith got pierced through the abdomen by the Tarask. Ava comes to her senses and slices the Tarask's body, the Halo glowing. This sends the Tarask back to its realm, along with Lilith.

Mary follows her through the mountain range as Ava doesn't want to go back. They discuss about Lilith's death and she tells Ava when Mary mentioned that she preferred if Ava died. Ava instigates a fight but pushes her down. Mary leaves her behind. Ava goes another direction, but decided to help Mary with her foot. Mary doesn't want Ava's help, saying she's leaving for a nearby city.[6]

Mary and Ava ended up spending the night in a cave. Mary admits that she isn't a nun, giving an insight to her background. Mary hands Ava a divinium knife to cut the Halo out. Mary offers to do it, causing Ava to feel threatened and to attack Mary. In the morning, they end up in a city where OCS stayed for some time a year ago. Ava finds out about a eruption of Evil. Mary gets up while the server sits down to tell her about his wife being possessed.

Mary and Ava take a walk while discussing about Cardinal Duretti who may have been involved in Sister Shannon's death as he tries to gain power. Before Mary walks away, she tells Ava if she wants to go she can go and do her.[6]

They go in a Church and Mary tells her that the priest was one of the persons possessed by a demon. Ava asks him how it was being possessed and tells her that he doesn't remember much, but it felt like being a passenger in his own live. He offers them a place to sleep for the nights. In the morning she sees no one until she sees everyone watching the sunset, she joins them. Later she gives Mary a hand in the kitchen and Mary tells her that she can have what she has. After she served a few tables she sees a man possessed by a demon, she and Mary follow the man to a store. They fight him, in the back Mary watch and tell her what to do to save the man and she finally kills the demon with the divinium knife Mary gave her. On the streets, Mary says to her to stay on more night and keep an eye on for anything weird and after that she can go wherever she wants to. Ava walks Mary to her ride and before Mary walks away she gives her the divinium knife and says to her that she hopes Ava finds what she is looking for.[6]

Ava goes to Arq-Tech and asks to see Dr. Salvius to better understand what is the Halo. Jillian Salvius is happy to be able to analyse Ava's abilities, as she thinks she may be the key to activate the Arc. Ava is surprised to hear that Dr. Salvius already knows about her ability to see demons and about the OCS. Dr. Salvius tells her that she has a source of information and also introduces Kristian Schaefer to Ava. Dr. Savius observes the Halo through radiology and describes it as an uncommon source of energy made of a native metal of extraterrestrial origin. Ava asks whether she could be able to control the energy of the Halo and wants her to run more tests. Dr. Salvius says that first she has to identify the energy to see whether it can be measured, controlled and channeled. She connects Ava's back with a cable to measure the energy. The cable is in fact connected to the Arc without Ava knowing. Jillian is convinced that Ava is the power source she is searching for. She asks Ava to generate maximum power from the Halo, starting to activate the Arc. Jillian enhances the connectivity to facilitate the activation of the Arc, hurting Ava. However the experiment fails. Ava phases through the floor and realizes that she was connected to the Arc. She accuses Dr. Salvius of using her without her consent.

Dr. Salvius then introduces her to her son Michael Salvius, who glows when Ava comes near him because of the divinium flowing in his body. She explains to Ava her personal story, how she could become pregnant thanks to medical science, how she used divinium to keep Michael alive and how she designed the Arc to access afterlife, a world without disease and without death. Unfortunately, Jillian admits that Ava is not the solution to activate the Arc and Ava leaves. Before leaving the building, she asks Kristian why he left the Church. Kristian tells her his own story, how he was disappointed not to have answers when he was praying and why he decided to trust science more than religion.

After leaving Arq-Tech, Ava is on her way to the Cat’s Cradle. Mary was waiting for her and explains to her that Sister Beatrice, Father Vincent and herself have been reassigned and replaced. She gives her the Divinium Sword. She leads her to inside the cat's cradle by a hidden crypt entrance and shows her where she thinks there is a secret room next to the warrior nun's quarters. Ava phases through the wall and accesses a circular room with a luminous artifact and a book written by the successive warrior nuns. She returns to the warrior nun's room where Sister Crimson is fighting with Mary. Sister Crimson knock her to the ground. Sister Beatrice arrives and fights back against Sister Crimson, who shots at her with a gun. Ava generates a blast with the Halo, destroying the bullet and saving Beatrice. However, Ava is bleeding and can't move. She is transporting by Mary and Beatrice and they try to escape. Their are confronted by the other nuns blocking the way. Sister Camila suddenly fires a machine gun in the air, helping them to reach their van and to escape.

When Sister Beatrice reads the legend about Adriel's bones in the Journal, the OCS rebels plan to retrieve the bones themselves before Duretti can take them for himself. Ava says that she feels she is able to phase through the walls of the tomb and suggest they ask for Dr. Salvius a,d Kristian Schaefer's help. They arrive at Arq-Tech and explain the situation to them. Ava tells Jillian that she may use the power of the bones for the Arc. Jillian Salvius accept to help them. She let them stay at Arq-Tech and gives them everything they need to train, including a thick wall and technology to guide Ava through the wall.

When Lilith arrives at Arq-Tech, Ava doesn't know exactly what to tell her. Lilith asks for her forgiveness and Ava tells her she has forgives her and that she is glad she is alive.

After having a dream in which she was talking with Sister Shannon, Ava suddenly decides that she will have to destroy Adriel's bones to stop the cycle of warrior nuns dying successively. She takes a divinium knife and tries to destroy it with the energy of the Halo. As the knife is melting down in her hands, she declares that she will be the last warrior nun.

In Rome, Ava and the warrior sisters are preparing to infiltrate in the Vatican City catacombs. Ava is dressing as a nun and jokingly asks if this is sin. On their way to the Vatican offices and residences, Sister Beatrice and Father Vincent ask her to act as a nun and stop drawing attention, which is not natural for Ava. In the Necropolis the sisters are attacked by the Reject Nuns. Ava can't fight back because she need to keep all the Halo's power to enter the tomb, and she has to hide while the sisters try to protect her. After the fight, Ava realizes that Mother Superion has the scars of the Halo on her back meaning she is a former Warrior Nun.

As they arrive at the entrance of the tomb, Lilith tries to prevent her from entering, then she is neutralized by Beatrice and Mary. In the wall of the tomb, Ava sees a Tarask's skeleton made of divinium, then she loses connection with Beatrice. When she arrives in the tomb, she doesn't see any bones and meets Adriel, alive and greeting her, thanking her for bringing the Halo to him. Ava refuses to let him take the Halo and resists. In the meantime, Beatrice, worried not to have news from Ava, put explosive charges in the walls of the tomb and detonate them, making the walls and ceiling falling and freeing both Ava and Adriel from the tomb. Ava is helped by Beatrice and Mary to escape. When they are outdoors, they see Adriel defying them and fight him to give Ava enough time to recover with the energy of the Halo. However, an army of wraith demons arrives and they all must flee.

Season 2[]

After the events occurred in Vatican City, Mother Superion has instructed Sister Beatrice to train Ava and show her how to use the power of the Halo so she can be ready to confront Adriel. Ava and Beatrice now live in the Swiss Alps as normal civilians and are hired as employees in the Bar La Vasseur, Ava as bartender and Beatrice being promoted manager. During her free time, Ava has learnt to swim. In the meantime, Adriel has founded a new cult around him, recruiting thousands of zealots calling themselves the Firstborn Children.

During Ava's shift at the Bar La Vasseur, some customers are discussing the alleged miraculous abilities of self-proclaimed prophet and angel Adriel, as it has been reported that he cured thousands of people suffering from boils at the same time. Another usual customer, Miguel, arrives and says that there was nothing miraculous about this, that the virus had arrived at the end of its cycle, and he criticizes the followers of Adriel as brainwashed and dangerous. The other customers feel insulted and leave. When Miguel asks Ava what she thinks about Adriel's new cult, she hesitates before admitting that she would like to do more. Their conversation is interrupted by Hans telling her that the manager wants to speak to her. Beatrice, who is the manager, tells Ava to keep a low profile and avoid discussing Adriel with customers. As Ava leaves the bar after her shift, she is harassed by FBC believers in the street trying to convince her to convert to their new faith. She loses her temper and violently pushes one of them, falling on a table and breaking it.

The next day, Ava is training under Beatrice's instructions, running around a lake, destroying a rock at distance with the Halo's energy and running on the water until the Halo's energy fades and she falls in the water. As she rests on the shore, Ava tells Beatrice that she is looking forward to face Adriel because she blames herself for freeing him from his prison.

Back at the bar, Ava tells Miguel she wants to help him fight against the FBC. After hesitating, Miguel tells her she should join the Samaritans, a decentralized group of volunteers undermining the FBC through intimidation and disruption.

After drinking cocktails and dancing together, Ava and Beatrice leave the bar and see Miguel sneaking around. Ava wants to follow him, while Beatrice tells her to go ahead while to go back to their apartment. Ava follows Miguel and sees three men beating him up, among them a FBC zealot she had previously pushed away. She knocks him down while two more join the fight, followed by Beatrice. Together they beat the five zealots while Miguel is watching, impressed by their fighting skills. He thanks them and Ava formally introduces Miguel to Beatrice. Miguel asks them to follow him to help him gather evidence on the local FBC branch. Beatrice refuses at first, then reluctantly accepts after Ava insisted.

When they arrive at the FBC quarters, a group of zealots is leaving the place in a van. As Miguel prepares to enter their quarters, Beatrice tells him to follow the zealots instead. They follow the FBC zealots until they stop to plant a cross in a field and pray together around it. They watch them pray, while a locusts swarm can be seen nearby. Back in Miguel's car, they discuss what they have just seen and Miguel asks them who they really are. Ava replies that they are "tactical undercover nuns", which Miguel doesn't take seriously. Beatrice tells Ava they can't rely on Miguel and the Samaritans to defeat the FBC, and instead they should focus on Ava's training.

At the bar during Ava's shift, Miguel asks Ava to come with him because his Samaritans group has taken a FBC informant. Ava wounds herself with a broken glass and asks Hans to take her shift so she can leave, also telling Beatrice to join them. Miguel is surprised to see that she doesn't have any wound on her hand, she replies that it was a trick. Beatrice is reluctant to go and finally accepts to follow Ava and Miguel. The FBC informant, Matteo Russo, is possessed by a wraith demon and is aware of who is Ava. Beatrice stops him from revealing who is Ava in front of the Samaritans. However, Russo escapes, attacking Beatrice and knocking Miguel down. Ava and Russo fight and she has to use the power of the Halo to get rid of the wraith demon. Beatrice and Ava rapidly leave the place and are back at their apartment. They prepare to leave the country because they have been exposed. Ava apologizes to Beatrice for not listening to her. Beatrice is angry at Ava for always doing what she wants. Ava answers that she is doing the best she can and cries. Beatrice apologizes and receives an emergency code from the OCS telling the nuns to go to Madrid.

In Madrid, Ava and Beatrice find the location of the OCS quarters transmitted by the code. However the place is abandoned and they find tickets for the Ciné Dore. Leaving the place, they see FBC spies all around in the street and hide to lose them. However, Father Vincent finds them and Beatrice is shot by a tranquilizer dart gun, while Ava dodges. She has a hard time beating Vincent because of his fighting skills and divinium tatoos. She finally uses the tranquilizer dart on him and leaves with Beatrice, reuniting with Sister Camila and Mother Superion at the Ciné Dore. Ava is introduced to Sister Yasmine, who tells them the story of her ancient Coptic order and her mission to reveal the Crown of Thorns as the only mean to defeat Adriel. Ava is disguised as a nun to visit with the other sisters the Prado Museum, where the crown is believed to be kept. At night, the sisters break into the museum and Ava takes the Crown. However, Vincent was also there and puts the crown on Ava's head, putting her unconscious. Ava has a vision given by the crown, seeing herself in a desert and gloomy place and soon sees tarasks appearing.

Then the vision stops and Ava wakes up lying in the street, as Vincent leaves with the crown. Miguel suddenly attacks Vincent and knocks him down. Very surprised to see Miguel, Ava takes the crown back and leaves with him to escape from the police searching the surroundings of the museum. Ava asks Miguel who he really is. He replies that he was sent from the other side to help her. They come across FBC members with gas masks, as a fog appears. Ava assumes it is a new plague and decides to follow them, with Miguel following behind. Ava says he should have been honest with her back in Switzerland, and Miguel says the same about her. She still doesn't trust him entirely, and he says she can and together they can kill Adriel.

As the fog becomes thicker, Ava and Michael hear screams and Ava has frightening visions caused by the gas. They arrive at a church kept by the FBC and go in. They watch people praising Adriel as their savior, while a girl accepts to be saved by him and is being possessed by a wraith demon. Ava is surprise to learn that Miguel can see wraith demons the same ways she odes. Miguel then volunteers to be the next to be saved by Adriel. However, the wraith demon possessing him is violently rejected by the divinium inside his body. As the assembly leaves in panic, Miguel is attacked by the priest and by FBC monks and guards, soon helped by Ava and Beatrice, who just arrived. The three of them try to escape from the church using the Halo's power. However, a tarask appears, attracted by the Halo energy, and is attacked by several wraith demons, allowing Ava and Beatrice to escape, soon joined by Miguel.

Ava, Beatrice, Miguel, Sister Camila, Sister Yasmine and Mother Superion then arrive at Jillian Salvius's villa, where they are staying and preparing their plan to defeat Adriel. Ava trains to put the Crown of thorns over a statue. She is worried about the Halo suddenly and randomly losing its power, the same way it happened in the museum and the church. Beatrice tells her she is confident Ava will succeed.

Later in Madrid, Ava, Miguel, Beatrice and Camila are in charge of rescuing Mother Superion, Pope Duretti and Sister Yasmine in the Princesa Plaza hotel after a secret conclave of religious representatives was attacked by newly possessed cardinals. Ava distracts most of the FBC assailants while Miguel and Beatrice escape with Mother Superion and Sister Yasmine, Pope Duretti deciding to stay behind. As she escapes the building passing through the wall, Ava falls from the 13th floor, the Halo losing its power. Beatrice thinks she is dead and cries, then realizes she is alive.

Back at Jillian's villa, Mother Superion tells Ava about her personal experience as a former Halo-bearer, how the Halo rejected her because of her recklessness. The day before Adriel's global broadcast in his cathedral to manifest his power to the world, the sisters and the Salvius prepare their attack. Ava and Miguel have a conversation in her room. Miguel reveals that Reya sent him with a divinium bomb inside his body, to be detonated with the Halo's power to kill Adriel. He says this is his fate and that it will happen eventually. Ava totally opposes this plan and refuses to hear about it, sticking to the initial plan to immobilize Adriel with the crown and locking him away forever. The OCS sisters and the Salvius have a final meeting to prepare their attack, with Ava going through the details of the plan and the mission of each group. Before leaving, Michael tries again to convince Ava to go with his own plan, and Beatrice has to stop him.

On the roof of the cathedral, Ava install to activate the transmitter which is supposed to allow Jillian Salvius to control the plague generator. However, she fails to activate it because the Halo's energy suddenly fades and she is temporarily immobilized. Lilith finds her on the roof and mocks her weakness. However, Ava recovers and pushes Lilith away, then activates the transmitter. Staying on the roof, she is surprised to see that the plagues are not coming as expected.

Still on the roof, Ava prepares for the next step of the plan, which is to put the Crown of thorns on Adriel's head. She survives the final plague, which is a burning light coming through the roof, with the Halo protecting her. While the Sisters create confusion inside the cathedral, Ava is slowly coming down from the roof while being maintained in the air by the Halo. When she is about to put the crown on Adriel, she is violently pushed down by Lilith and loses the Crown. When Michael knocks Adriel down and keep him immobilized on the floor, he calls for Ava to come to him to detonate the divinium bomb. However, when Ava is about to reach Michael's hand, Beatrice takes her away as she doesn't want her to be killed in the explosion. Ava then sees Vincent taking the crown which was laying on the floor and loses sight of him because of the chaos in the cathedral. Seeing that their plan failed and that the crown is lost, Ava tries to approach Adriel to fight him. Before she can reach Adriel, Lilith takes her away from the cathedral and they fight in a ma mansion nearby. While they are fighting, Ava implores Lilith to come back to the OCS, while Lilith refuses and tells her join Adriel or she will take the Halo from her. However, Ava severly injures Lilith who escapes.

When Ava is finally back at Jillian's villa, Mother Superion just died from her wounds suffered during the FBC attack. Ava, overwhelmed by grief, lays on the floor next to her body and weeps. The Halo activates as it still has a connection with Mother Superion as a previous bearer, and Mother Superion wakes up, coming back to life by the power of the Halo. Later, Ava tries to give hope to Beatrice, who blames herself for their failed attempt to take down Adriel. Beatrice thinks that Ava should hide to prevent Adriel from taking the Halo. Then Michael join Ava in her room and tells her that his plan to explode themselves to end Adriel is the best plan they have. Ava refuses to hear about this and implies that he was brainwashed by Reya, with Michael believing that death leads to enlightenment while Ava says there is nothing after death. Ava tells him that there is always hope and there must be another solution. She suddenly remembers Father Vincent, black in the cathedral when he grasped the Crown of thorns of the floor and hiding it, and plans to find him.

Near the cathedral, Ava finds Vincent leaving a bar and watching a mural painting of a falling angel, representing Ava coming down from heaven. Vincent gives Ava the Crown. Ava brings Vincent in her room in the villa without the others knowing. Vincent tells her that he changed his mind about Adriel when he murdered Pope Duretti. He says that Ava is his last hope to defeat Adriel, and he now believes that she was chosen by the Halo. Ava asks him how he was communicating with Adriel when he was locked up, Vincent respond ot was through his divinium tatoos. Ava puts her hands on the tatoos and penetrates into Adriel's mind, confirming that Adriel is afraid of a truth coming from the Crown of thorns. She decides to use the Crown on herself to find a way to defeat Adriel. Ava voluntarily puts the Crown on her head, leaving her unconscious, while she is virtually transported in the other realm, meeting Tarasks and Reya. When Ava wakes up and put the Crown away, Beatrice is surprised to see that she could wake up while having the crown on her. Ava says she now understand what she has to do. She has a conversation with Michael and tells him that now she sees that sacrificing themselves is the only way to to protect the people they love. She asks him to keep their plan to themselves and he agrees.

In a meeting with all the OCS sisters and the Salvius, Ava says that the crown showed her that Adriel is a fugitive from the other realm and that he intends to make our world his kingdom. Ava also explains that the Halo loses its power when close to Adriel's cross, whiwh has to be destroyed. Before they leave, Mother Superion gives the Divinium Sword to Ava, who tells her that she understands what she has to do to protect her sisters. In the van, Ava tells Beatrice to let Vincent go with them, as he can help them break into the cathedral.

In the parking of the cathedral, Ava and her sisters neutralize several FBC guards. Ava and Beatrice arrive in a room where the Arc was supposed to be according to Jillian Salvius, and Ava tells her that she ask Jillian not to disclose the true location of the Arc to protect all of them while she will sacrifice herself. They kiss and Ava joins Michael passing through the walls and they go together in the basements of the cathedral.

They arrive in a room where the Arc is installed, just below an inverted cross, with Adriel standing nearby. When Michael approaches, Lilith arrives and rips her heart off his body, instantly killing him. Ava is immobilized by Lilith and looks devastated. She tells Adriel that Reya's power is stronger than his. In response, Adriel activates the Arc and tells her that Reya is dangerous and only him can stop her. As he speaks, he watched the Arc and Reya is dragged from her realm by wraith demons. Ava understands that he wants to use the Crown of thorns on Reya and imprison her. When Adriel is disturbed by Sister Camila crying in his mind and Lilith approaches him to help, Ava takes her sword and fights and slightly moves him near Michael's body. When Adriel is near the body, she uses the to Halo's energy to explode the divinium bomb inside the body, severely injuring both Ava and Adriel, not enough to kill him as he recovers from the explosion. Ava, helped by Beatrice who just arrived, activates the Halo, attracting five Tarasks which easily exterminate Adriel. Before leaving through the Arc, Reya nods to Ava and she nods back. Ava knows she can't heal from the wounds inflicted by divinium and tells Beatrice to take the Halo. Beatrice is not prepared to lose her. Lilith, who has seen everything, says that the only way to save her is for her to go in the other realm through the Arc. Ava agrees and she is transported to the Arc by Beatrice and Lilith. Ava says "I love you" to Beatrice before passing through.

Physical Appearance[]

Ava is a slim, young Caucasian woman in her late teens, with notably rounded features. She has a light tan skin tone, straight brown hair reaching beyond her shoulders, but above her bust with honey brown eyes. Her hair can look blonde in the sun. Despite spending almost all of her life paralysed she is in relatively healthy shape.



Best of Ava Warrior Nun Netflix

Ava has a complex personality, she is highly curious, naïve, with a very limited experience of life due to her very restricted early life. She is, however, capable of showing kindness and consideration towards others as shown with JC and Beatrice. As an atheist, she believes that she doesn't have the right to serve God or The Church and can do whatever she wants, therefore is rebellious against the church and their pleads to help them. Later on, however, upon witnessing more supernatural experiences, she does come to exorcise demons out of people and tries to rid the world of demons for good, (as an associate of The Order of The Cruciform Sword). She also pledges to become the last Warrior Nun to stop many other girls from dying in agony. She goes from being self-absorbed and selfish to a courageous fighter with some belief in the church. By Season 2, she is one of the main heroines of the series and shows strong convictions and plans about exterminating Adriel, whilst maintaining her outgoing, free-spirited nature.

Powers and abilities[]

Season 1[]

  • Supernatural sight: As the Halo-bearer, Ava is the only one able to see wraith demons, including inside a possessed person.
  • Levitation: Ava has the ability to levitate, even when she is asleep.
  • Intangibility/Phase: Ava possesses the ability to pass through walls as well as have objects pass through her without bringing her harm, except objects made from divinium.
  • Analgesia: Ava has the ability to be harmed but not feel any pain from it.
  • Healing: Ava will heal from wounds or even broken bones in seconds. Wounds brought on by a divinium weapon take much longer to heal and can even be fatal.
  • Enhanced strength: Ava is much stronger than a normal human. She is able to knock a grown man across a room with a single tap without intending to.
  • Shock waves: Ava can create shock waves that can do things like break a house, push or knock people unconscious like when she saves Beatrice more than once or when she saves Shotgun Mary from bullets.
  • Physical Invulnerability: As seen when Lilith first trains with her, Ava can become completely immune to physical attacks. When she first returned to life, Ava was shown shortly after to be able to withstand a truck hitting her with enough force to plow her through a building which she was able to withstand mainly in one piece.
  • Invisibility to metal detectors: Ava was able to walk through a metal detector without setting it off.

Season 2[]

  • Multilinguism: In the first season, Ava was able to talk and understand English and Spanish, and in the second season she learned German as she was living in a town in German-speaking Switzerland.
  • Basic hand-to-hand combat: Due to her training with Bea, Ava is now capable of holding herself in a fight, as seen when she and Bea take down a group of thugs while both were drunk, when she holds herself against Father Vincent and then against multiple opponents in one of Adriel's churches. Her fighting style includes Kali, Wushu, Kickboxing, Karate, Brazilian JiuJitsu and Krav Maga.
  • Basic weaponry combat: Also because of Bea's training, Ava also became capable while fighting with weapons, sometimes even mixing her halo with her weapon moves, as seen when she took down Adriel.
  • Enhanced Halo control: Training with Bea also gave Ava an improved control over the Halo's powers and abilities and because of that,—Ava is, among other things—able to run on water.
  • Enhanced Speed: She is able to increase her speed and possibly agility/reflexes. Seen when fighting Father Vincent, she is able to move faster than the average human.
  • Resurrection: Ava is able to resurrect others as shown when she brings Mother Superion back to life, however it is unclear if Ava is able to bring others back to life and was only able to do this due to Mother Superion's former connection to the halo. Ava has also shown self-resurrection such as when she fell out of the sky after failing to levitate.
  • Healing: While resurrecting Mother Superion, Ava was able to heal her prior injuries and scars. It is unclear if she can heal other people.
  • Flight: An advanced form of levitation, Ava displayed powers beyond levitation and was able to fly on multiple occasions.
  • Prediction: In the final battle against Adriel, it appeared that Ava had learned to sense Lilith's incoming attack if she was focused enough.
  • Reading minds: Ava was able to read Adriel's mind through the divinium tattoos on Vincent's forearms.
  • Bilocation: Ava visited the other realm by putting the Crown of Thorns on her own head and still being on Earth, although it is uncertain whether she was physically present in the other realm or only in mind.


  • Halo Dependance: Ava was dead when the Halo bonded with and resurrected her. Unlike other Warrior Nuns, the Halo never turns off for Ava. It's working 24/7 to keep her alive and in ambulatory. So when Ava uses the Halo's power, it's already operating at a deficiency, and she can burn out much faster.
  • Adriel's Cross: In Season 2, Adriel built a cross that worked as a syphon or EMP to the Halo's powers, rendering Ava powerless.
  • Divinium: Divinium renders her healing factor ineffective. It is also the only known material capable of killing Ava.



The two first met when Ava jumped into a random swimming pool on a residence, then called for help (as she didn't know how to swim); JC appeared out of the house, rescued Ava out of the pool and then fed her at the garden table. He agrees to let her stay at the villa for a few nights, which he and his acquaintances are borrowing from a rich couple from Saudi Arabia. Ava becomes attracted to JC from first sight, and the two develop a sexual relationship, never developing romatic feelings. However, Ava leaves him whilst the two were on the run, when JC witnesses a demon coming to Earth and taking Lilith with it.



I Ship Ava and Beatrice 💕 - Warrior Nun - Netflix Philippines

The two really connect when Ava sits next to her during a monastery meal, when they both talked about Ava's predecessor and fallen halo bearer, Sister Shannon.

The next day, after Ava is left crying because of false accusations made by Mother Superion, Beatrice speaks and comforts her, telling that she believes Ava's version of her death.

The two grow closer to each other as Beatrice provides emotional and intellectual support, with the two also working together when they infiltrate the Vatican.

Their connection becomes evident when Ava is the first person to whom Beatrice clearly tells that she is different from the other nuns (implying that she likes women). From that moment on, the connection between the two becomes even stronger. During their time together, Beatrice says that Ava is the only person who does not try to make her something she is not.

Then the connection between the two only grows stronger again (with hints towards Ava's bisexuality in future seasons when Ava exhausts her power to save Beatrice from a shotgun fired by Sister Crimson when later, both exchange a private smile after Ava is wounded by the Reject Nun.

Later in the season, the hints of mutual attraction become more evident when Ava confesses what she really fears to Beatrice who replies that Ava will never be alone again. They share a tender and sweet embrace while sharing longing glances at each other once Ava finally succeeds in phasing through 20 feet of concrete.

When Ava decides to become the last Warrior Nun, she asks Beatrice if she is the next in line and Ava's voice becomes softer, indicating she is worried for Beatrice.

Then, in the catacombs, Ava and Beatrice involve themselves in lighthearted banter, showcasing the continuous evolution of their relationship.

In Mark 10:45, Camila confronts Beatrice about her feelings and current relationship with Ava. Beatrice denies her feelings by saying it was her duty to worry about Ava as she was the Warrior Nun. Camila sees past her lie and comforts her. She tells Beatrice that being in love with Ava is the easy part and loving her is the difficult part. She also warns Beatrice that it is dangerous being in love with a Warrior Nun.

In Jeremiah 29:13, Ava gets Jillian Salvius to lie about the location of the Arc because Ava is planning on sacrificing herself. However, Beatrice finds out about her plan. Ava tells Beatrice that she is doing it for her. Beatrice refuses to accept her words and attempts to put the crown on Ava. Ava manages to stop her. The two have a long awaited and tender kiss. Ava plants one last delicate kiss on Bea’s forehead before leaving.

Moving on, Ava defeats Adriel but she cannot heal from the Divinium-inflicted wounds. The pair exchange dialogues similar to the first episode of season one. The only way to save Ava is for her to go through the Arc. Ava and Beatrice admitted their love for each other before letting Ava go through the Arc. At the end of Jeremiah 29:13, we can see Beatrice is leaving the OCS with a smile on her face. While walking away, Ava’s swords lights up, hinting that the two may reunite.

Shotgun Mary[]

Mary came across Ava's corpse, when she and the other Nuns were fighting Assassins who eventually murdered her best friend Shannon. Just before she died, the halo was removed from Shannon. A nun handled it in a pair of mental sticks and then placed it into Ava's body. It brought her to life. Since then, Mary worked hard to protect Ava and help her understand the way of a warrior nun, despite her refusals. She also follows and works hard to track Ava down during her rebellious adventure away from the monastery, even paying for a portrait of her, asking people of her whereabouts and sustaining injuries along the way. Despite getting off with a bad start, Ava comes to respect Mary for her strength and bravery.


In the beginning, they did not get along so well since Lilith has a grudge against Ava. When Shannon died, she was to be the next halo bearer but she couldn't as Ava was revived by the halo and removing it could kill her. This, along with the encouragement of Duretti, made Lilith attempt to kill Ava. She fought with Mary many times while trying to kill Ava, but when she finally caught up to her, a Tarask 'demon' appeared and took Lilith to 'hell' (it is unclear if Tarasks are from hell or some other realm). When she returned, she accepted that Ava had the halo and apologized to her. Lilith is later revealed to have gained powers, thus making her the only other human currently having powers.

However, in Corinthians 10:20-21, Lilith is seen interacting with Adriel. In Mark 10:45, she accepts Adriel's offer of joining him. This confirms that she has become an an enemy of Ava. The two fought a few times due to their differing beliefs. Lilith, taking it as far as nearly killing Ava. In the last episode, Lilith seems to have changed her mind by helping come up with an idea to save Ava from dying.

Mother Superion[]

Ava first met Mother Superion in Ephesians 6:11. The two headed off to a bad start due to their different lives. Ava forms a bad impression of Mother Superion. They discuss about Ava's newfound powers. Mother Superion explains some of them, saying that the Halo amplifies Ava's existing abilities. She then gets Lilith and Ava to spar as a test of Ava's physical and mental capabilities. By the end of Season 1, Mother Superion accepts Ava and apologizes for how she treated her in the beginning.

In Season 2, Ava and Mother Superion managed to put their differences aside and become close friends. This is evident from their shared hugs and protectiveness over each other. Due to their age, it seems like they have a mother-daughter relationship.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Memorable Quotes[]

"Bless you my child"

"Sí. Sí. Yes. Awesome."

Ava (to Beatrice) : "What are you, 70?"

Ava (to Yasmine) : "Pray to God and kick some ass"

Ava (to Beatrice) : "I love you"

Ava (to Beatrice) : "You're jealous"

Ava(laughs): "Lesbisch."






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