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Beatrice is a character on Netflix's Warrior Nun. She is portrayed by Kristina Tonteri-Young.

Beatrice is a woman with a quiet strength, and a powerful Sister Warrior in her own right. As the team’s resident strategist, Beatrice uses her reserved and intuitive nature to analyze everyone and everything around her.



In the series, Beatrice was said to be a daughter of British Diplomats. Growing up she was expected to act properly and use proper etiquette at all times. When she failed to live up to her family's expectation and behave normally, she was sent to a Catholic School in Switzerland, where she graduated top of her class. She later found out about Cat's Cradle where she met the other sisters, which for the first time, she found herself a "Family".

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

We first meet Beatrice in the first episode, Psalm 46:5, when the members of the OCS falls back to the church where Ava's body is after suffering an ambush in their latest mission. When Sister Shannon, the halo bearer, is mortally wounded by the attack, we see Beatrice's compassion for her fellow dying sister. She kisses Shannon's head before leaving to continue the fight after the battle follows them to the church.

After the fight finally cools down, Beatrice consoles new recruit Camila for a rough first assignment. When Father Vincent arrives at the scene, Beatrice provides him with the report of what went wrong with their recovery mission. Listening to Beatrice, Mary snaps at her for seemingly treating Shannon's death like another incident report. Beatrice tells her that she cared for Shannon, but merely needs something to focus on. Following this, they discover that Shannon's halo was placed in corpse of a young girl, Ava, who is now missing. Back at Cat's Cradle, Beatrice, Lilith and Mary gather around Camila as she plays the piano in remembrance of Shannon.

When the Order finds Shannon's mutilated body and Father Vincent believing it to be the work of a Tarask, Beatrice begins conducting research on them. She discovers that the only way to kill them are with the combination of the Halo Bearer and Divinium Sword, increasing pressure on the OCS to quickly locate Ava. When they get close to locating Ava's whereabouts, Beatrice is shocked to learn that Father Vincent might not give the halo to Lilith, believing that Ava might have been chosen. She warns him about the politics around his decision. Eventually, the group tracks down Ava at Arq-Tech's headquarters and arrives in time to briefly battle with a Tarask. When Ava tries to push past the group and leave, Beatrice tranquilizes her.

When Ava awakes at Cat's Cradle, Lilith and Beatrice witness Ava beginning to float, something that no Halo Bearer has done before. Beatrice attempts to calm down a panicking Ava but gets blasted by the Halo's pulse. When Ava is treated as an outcast by the sisters, she sits next to Beatrice during dinner, finding her to be the only one not actively hostile toward her. Beatrice engages in conversation with Ava and talks to her about Sister Shannon. When Ava tells Beatrice that being a nun and a part of the OCS is not her, Beatrice tells her that she felt the same initially but came to realize that not everything is about her.

After Ava is confronted by Mother Superion and realizes that she was killed by Sister Frances, Beatrice and Father Vincent arrive and Ava tearfully hugs Beatrice for comfort. Later, Beatrice goes to find Ava sitting alone and tells her that she believes that she did not kill herself. Beatrice tells Ava that she finds her thoughtless and self-centered but not dishonest and the two begin to bond. Beatrice reveals that she took her vows earlier than most and that her parents are diplomats back in England. Believing that Beatrice was not falling in line, her parents had shipped her off to a Catholic boarding school.

When the OCS discovers that Jillian Salvius has been collecting Divinium for her work, the sisters are sent out to retrieve it back for the church by breaking into Arq-Tech. When the security alarm goes off, the rest of the sisters flee but Beatrice stays behind. Alone, Beatrice takes out a group of guards and recovers the Shield of Faith. Whilst doing so, Beatrice discovers Jillian's unfinished Arc. Back at Cat's Cradle, she reports this discovery to Cardinal Duretti and Mother Superion. When Duretti intends to take the Shield from the OCS to be stored in the Vatican, Father Vincent confides in Beatrice that he believes Duretti intends on dividing them. Arriving to collect the Shield, Duretti pulls Beatrice aside to have a conversation. Here, we learn that Beatrice graduated top of her class in Switzerland and is trained in aikido, kendo and archery. Impressed by her abilities, Duretti attempts to sway Beatrice to his side however Beatrice stands firm against him, citing that she would always be loyal to God, not him.

After Mary and Ava spend time in a rural village, Beatrice is sent to pick Mary up. Back at the Cradle, the sisters hold a funeral for Sister Lilith after she is impaled by a Tarask. Beatrice doubts Ava's return to Cat's Cradle despite Mary believing that she will show up. Interrupting them, Duretti enters with rejected members of the OCS, including Mother Superion's daughter, Sister Crimson. Later, Beatrice faces off Sister Crimson in a sparring match. When Crimson loses, she pulls out a pair of nun-chucks and hits Beatrice in the stomach. Continuing the divide the church, Duretti reassigns Beatrice to a convent in Malaysia. Beatrice reluctantly returns all her weapons and says goodbye to Camila. Afterward, Mary attempts to convince Father Vincent, who has also been reassigned, and Beatrice to help her break back into Cat's Cradle and infiltrate the room behind Shannon's wall to discover her secret. Initially refusing to help, Beatrice changes her mind about leaving and returns just in time to intervene when Sister Crimson is fighting Mary and Ava. When Sister Crimson points a shotgun to Beatrice, Ava halo pulses away the bullets, saving her. This however leaves Ava temporarily paralyzed and Beatrice, Mary and Camila make help her make their escape.

After reading from Shannon's book, Father Vincent, Ava, Beatrice, Camila and Mary believe that Duretti intends on retrieving Adriel's bones for himself to further consolidate his power. Therefore, the group begins to formulate a plan to get to the bones before Duretti. In order to prepare, they go to Jillian Salvius for help. At the Arq-Tech headquarters, Beatrice helps Ava train to phase through the 11 derah thick catacomb walls. To help Ava with her training, Camila brings a story for Beatrice to read to her from Shannon's journal. While reading Ava the story of Sister Melanie, Beatrice reveals to Ava that she is a lesbian. Later on when Ava is training, Beatrice encourages her to confront her deepest fear, which is being alone. Beatrice reassures Ava that she will always have a family with the OCS. When Ava phases through the wall, they share an intimate embrace.

When the Pope passes, the group make their way to the catacombs in order to retrieve Adriel's bones. Ava and Beatrice split from the others and make their way underground to find the way to the bones. They continue to bond through their conversations, trading puns as Beatrice opens up more. After losing contact with Ava and she takes too long to return after phasing into Adriel's tomb, Beatrice and the others make the decision to detonate their way into the tomb. Once the charges go off, Beatrice finds Ava on the ground inside and is shocked to see Adriel's hand rise from the rubble. The group make their way back the surface and Ava reveals to the fact that Adriel is alive and in fact not an angel. When Father Vincent is revealed to be the conspirator all along and working for Adriel, Beatrice and the others are taken back by his betrayal. Beatrice, Lilith, Mary and Camila begin fighting off Adriel as a distraction whilst Ava recuperates her energy from the halo. As the girls prepare to make their stance, Adriel begins summoning Wraith Demons and they become surrounded by possessed bystanders.

Season 2[]

Beatrice and Ava in 2x01

Beatrice and Ava at Bar La Vasseur

After Adriel escapes from his prison in Vatican City, the members of the Order split up and go into hiding. Beatrice and Ava move to a village in Switzerland and spend two months there. While there, they attempt to blend in with the other civilians and find employment at the Bar La Vasseur, with Beatrice working as the manager and Ava as a bartender. Outside of work, Beatrice continues helping Ava with her training to fully control the abilities provided by the Halo and prepare her for the battle against Adriel. Ava and Beatrice are also seen having some fun together, with Beatrice letting loose and drinking alcohol for the first time. It becomes clear that Beatrice has feelings for Ava, although they never interfere in her mission. In Switzerland, Beatrice and Ava meet Miguel, introducing himself as a member of the Samaritans, a resistance group fighting against the uprising of the Firstborn Children.

After a series of coordinated worldwide attacks against the OCS, Beatrice and Ava leave Switzerland to join Mother Superion, Sister Camila and Sister Yasmine in Madrid. From there, they work together to the steal the Crown of Thorns from the Prado Museum after Yasmine reveals it to be a weapon that can be used against Adriel. When things go awry during the museum heist and Ava is kidnapped by Father Vincent, Beatrice works to track her down. Eventually reunited, along with the reappearance of Miguel, now revealing himself to be Michael Salvius, the group make their way to Jillian Salvius' estate to reconvene and plan their next move.

At the estate, Beatrice helps Camila figure out that a cross has been stuck in her neck which has been the cause of her hearing Adriel's voice and allowing him to get into her head. While with Camila, they share a conversation where Camila tells Beatrice that there is no shame in her being in love with Ava.

Later, Beatrice, Ava and Michael rescue Mother Superion, Yasmine and Francesco Duretti after his secret conclave is ambushed and resulting in a massacre. During the rescue, Ava's halo gives out while midair and she falls, seemingly fatally. Beatrice rushes over to her side and pleads for her to not die. As Ava wakes and heals, they share a passionate embrace.

In their initial confrontation with Adriel, the team infiltrates Adriel's Cathedral with the plan to place the Crown of Thorns on him. When things begin to go wrong after Duretti is killed, Beatrice tackles Ava amongst the chaos to prevent her from sacrificing herself. Returning to their base, Beatrice is shown beginning to lose her faith, rejecting Mother Superion's prayer. As Ava follows Beatrice outside to talk, Beatrice reveals that she feels that her emotions have been blinding her to the mission. When Ava offers to run away with Beatrice back to the Alps, she rejects it.

After Ava formulates a new plan after putting on the Crown of Thorns, Beatrice begins to grow suspicious that she is hiding something. With a new plan and the addition of Father Vincent on their side, the group re-infiltrates Adriel's Cathedral where they are reunited with Camila and Yasmine. While there, Ava reveals to Beatrice that she intends on sacrificing herself so that the rest of them could live. Beatrice tries to stop Ava by putting the Crown of Thorns on her to no avail, and the two share a kiss. Ava phases through the ground as Beatrice attempts to find out where she is going. Eventually, with the help of Yasmine, they figure out Adriel's plan with the Arc being underground and Beatrice fights her way through a mob of Firstborn Children to get to Ava.

After the final fight between Ava and Adriel in Adriel's Cathedral, Beatrice and Lilith help Ava go through the Arc, believing it to be the only solution that could save her after she is mortally wounded. Before she goes through, Ava tells Beatrice that she loves her and Beatrice eventually says it back, although after Ava goes through the Arc.

Some time later in the post-credit scene, Beatrice, donning civilian clothes, leaves the new OCS headquarters and tells Mother Superion that she would not be training the new recruits. She says her goodbyes to Camila, Father Vincent and her sisters and walks away with a smile on her face.

Physical Appearance[]

Beatrice has brown hair and brown eyes. She has soft facial features.


Sister Beatrice is quiet, resourceful, honest, very reliable, and intelligent with a bit of snark in her humor. She is practical and logical especially during missions. She always make sure to uphold the mission and is willing to sacrifice herself to get the job done. Not only is she smart but she also excels in many areas, such as camaraderie and combat Skills. She is shown multiple times to excel at hand-to-hand combat. She is also perceptive, studying her opponents and living under the sentiment “sometimes you have to lose a battle to win the war”. She is also able to read and speak in many languages including French and Latin.


Ava Silva[]


I Ship Ava and Beatrice 💕 - Warrior Nun - Netflix Philippines

Beatrice first met Ava when she didn't move away from her during their first meal, when they both talked about the previous halo wielder, Sister Shannon.

The next day, after Ava is left crying because of a reprimand and over false accusations made by Mother Superion, Beatrice speaks and comforts her. Then, in the catacombs, Ava and Beatrice involve themselves in lighthearted banter, showcasing the continuous evolution of their relationship.

The two grow closer to each other and Beatrice provides emotional and intellectual support, with the two also working together when they infiltrate the Vatican.

Their connection becomes evident when Ava is the first person to whom Beatrice clearly tells that she is different from the other nuns (implying that she is a lesbian) and from that moment on, the connection between the two becomes even stronger and during their time together, Beatrice says that Ava is the only person who does not try to make her something she is not.

Then the connection between the two grew stronger again (with hints towards Ava's bisexuality in future seasons) which is evident when Ava exhausts her power to save Bea from a shotgun fired by Sister Crimson and when later, both exchange a private smile after Ava is wounded by the Reject Nuns.

Later in the season the hints of mutual attraction become more evident when Ava confesses what she really fears to Beatrice who replies that Ava will never be alone again and then when they share a tender and sweet embrace while simultaneously sharing longing glances at each other once Ava finally succeeds in phasing through 20 feet of concrete.

When Ava decides to become the last Warrior Nun, she asks Beatrice if she is the next in line and Ava's voice becomes softer, indicating she is worried for Beatrice.

Then, in the catacombs, Ava and Beatrice involve themselves in lighthearted banter, showcasing the continuous evolution of their relationship.

In Mark 10:45, Camila confronts Beatrice about her feelings and current relationship with Ava. Beatrice denies her feelings by saying it was her duty to worry about Ava as she was the Warrior Nun. Camila sees past her lie and comforts her. She tells Beatrice that being in love with Ava is the easy part and loving her is the difficult part. She also warns Beatrice that it is dangerous being in love with a Warrior Nun.

In Jeremiah 29:13, Ava gets Jillian Salvius to lie about the location of the Arc because Ava is planning on sacrificing herself. However, Beatrice finds out about her plan. Ava tells Beatrice that she is doing it for her. Beatrice refuses to accept her words and attempts to put the crown on Ava. Ava manages to stop her. The two had a long awaited and tender kiss. Ava plants one last delicate kiss on Bea’s head before leaving.

Moving on, Ava defeats Adriel but she cannot heal from the Divinium-inflicted wounds. The pair exchange dialogues similar to the first episode of season one. The only way to save Ava is for her to go through the Arc. Ava and Beatrice admitted their love for each other before letting Ava go through the Arc. At the end of Jeremiah 29:13, we can see Beatrice is leaving the OCS with a smile on her face. While walking away, Ava’s swords lights up, hinting that the two may reunite.


Following the return of Adriel, things were at first a bit contentious between Beatrice and Camila. Camila was annoyed at Beatrice for at times seeming to test her, telling her that she was no longer a rookie. She also expressed irritation at the fact that she had to fend herself while Beatrice was in hiding. Later, the two finally came to an understanding when Beatrice asked her to stay behind and watch during a mission. Camila at first thought that this meant she didn't trust her, but was touched when she told her that it was the opposite, that she'd rather have her looking out for their backs than anyone else.


  • Master Tactician: Beatrice is very skillful at making tactics.
  • Vast Knowledge: Beatrice is wise, knows things at multiple subjects as she is well-educated.
  • High Intelligence: Being good at logical thinking, Beatrice is a smart person.
  • Peak human physicality: Sister Beatrice is highly strong, she was able to easily overpower many ARQ-Tech guards.
  • Master hand-to-hand combat: Beatrice is a formidable martial artist, especially in Wushu and apparently Ninjutsu (ninja art), Aikido, Kenjutsu, Stick Fighting,...
  • Master Weaponry: It is shown that Sister Beatrice is very good at throwing knives, shurikens, stick fighting and is able to use guns,...
  • Multilingualism: Beatrice knows English, French, Latin, Spanish etc.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Memorable Quotes[]

Beatrice (to Ava): "Your ignorance is really a downer sometimes."

Beatrice (to Ava): “I love you.”

Beatrice: "What the fuck."

Beatrice (to Durreti): "You may always count on me to remain faithful... to God."

Beatrice: "Why would I doubt? Faith is my business."

Beatrice (to Ava) : "I'm a free-wheeling, secret, ass-kicking nun."

Beatrice (to Camila): "A lot of people can smile when things go wrong, but it takes a special person to make everyone smile with them."

Beatrice: "I had a feeling she'd be a handful."

Beatrice: "Stay and you will never walk again."

Beatrice (to Ava): “You got charmed by some blond.”






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