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Sister Camila is a character on Netflix's Warrior Nun. She is portrayed by Olivia Delcán.


Sister Camila lost her father when she was very young. Her mother is from Inverness, in the Scottish Highlands. When she was 15, Camila joined the convent to serve God, where she found love, peace and acceptance. She is a new recruit for the Order of the Cruciform Sword.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Sister Camila has joined the Order of the Cruciform Sword as a Warrior Sister and is still learning the basics. Her first mission is to retrieve an artifact with other sisters. However, the sisters find themselves in a trap and Sister Shannon is killed. Camila later helps find Ava by uploading her photo into the National Police facial recognition system. She shows Ava her quarters in the Cat’s Cradle, previously occupied by Shannon. She is in the Warrior Sisters team breaking into the Arq-Tech headquarters to retrieve the Shield of Faith, as asked by Cardinal Duretti. Later she is in charge of the armory and expresses concerns about the new direction taken by the OCS under Duretti, when Reject Nuns are reintegrated while Beatrice and Father Vincent are reassigned. She helps Ava and Mary escape from the Cat's Cradle with the book Sororis ad sororem taken from a secret room and goes with them to the Arq-Tech headquarters where they elaborate a plan to take Adriel's remains in the Necropolis. She's in Vatican City during the election of Pope Duretti and is in the team of sisters infiltrating the Necropolis.

Season 2[]

Sister Camila and Mother Superion have lived hidden in another convent of nuns since the emergence of the Firstborn Children. After the convent is attacked by the FBC, they both go to the OCS quarters in Madrid, where they meet Sister Yasmine. Camila is in the team stealing the Crown of Thorns in the Prado Museum, although Father Vincent briefly takes both the Crown and unconscious Ava because Camila got distracted by the voice of Adriel. In Jillian's villa, where the sisters are planning their attack in Adriel's Cathedral, Camila complains she has headaches and goes through a radiographic scanner revealing she has a cross-shaped device implant in her neck, put by a FBC nun back at the convent. Sister Camila later understands that the device enables Adriel to speak to her in her mind through telepathy and tries to harass her. Jillian Salvius gives her a device blocking the transmission. When the Sisters leave the house to attack Adriel's Cathedral, Camila meets Todd, a member of the Samaritans who hits on her. In the cathedral, Camila is unable to control the plagues as intended, as it appears that the FBC had anticipated their move. She's held captive along others and escapes thanks to Yasmine. Both of them hide in the cathedral and Camila calls Mother Superion asking her to launch another attack. During the final fight between Ava and Adriel, Camila uses the telepathy device to weaken Adriel, saving Ava. In the final scene, Camila is seen with the other sisters at their new convent, saying goodbye to Beatrice.

Physical Appearance[]

Camila has dark, curly hair and pale skin. She usually wears the OCS religious habit.


Sister Camila has a quirky personality and is somewhat shy. Soft spoken she is often talked over and is quick to quiet herself when someone else interrupts her. Being a nun, she has little if any experience relating to boys and finds herself confused as to what to do when she notices the attractiveness of a male for the first time.

She is very loyal to her friends and like them, only does what she believes is the right thing to do for everyone. She is also very protective of her friends and is one of the first people to spring into actions if they are in need.



Season 1[]

Season 2[]


  • Computer Hacking: Camila effortlessly hacked into highly secured systems including the police's, vatican's,...
  • Hot-wiring cars
  • Vast Technology Knowledge
  • Weaponry: She can use different kinds of weapons.
  • Hand-to-hand combat: As an OCS nun, Sister Camila is trained in combat skills.
  • Marksmanship: Camila knows how to use guns, especially assault riffles.

Memorable Quotes[]

Camila: "God is in everything I do, and all my work glorifies Him."

Mother Superion : “Ecclesiastes?” Camila : “... Dolly Parton.”

Camila (to Yasmine) : "We assumed that meant you knew how to drive!"

Camila: *firing an assault rifle at the ceiling* "I hope I got God's message right"

Camila (to Beatrice) : "It's easy to fall in love with a Warrior Nun. It's loving the Warrior Nun that's the hard part. They're never yours. They never last."

"Hey. After we take down the devil, maybe we could grab a drink?"
"Dude, I'm a nun. But thanks."
- Todd and Camila






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