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Do not lie to each other, since you have taken off your old self with its practices and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator.
— Colossians 3:9-10

Colossians 3:9-10 is the second episode of the second season of Warrior Nun. It is the twelfth episode of the series overall.


A mysterious nun makes contact with the OCS, while Adriel proposes a partnership to the pope. Lilith turns to an unexpected source for help.


A plague of locusts[]

Lilith continues screaming after Father Vincent for having lied to her about Mary's death and for sending her into a trap, forcing her to slaughter Adriel's followers coming after her. Covered in blood, she groans in pain at the damage she has taken. Another group of five men arrive, all pointing guns at her. She creaks her neck and stares, ready once again to set to work.

On an isolated road, Ava Silva, Beatrice and Miguel all exit his vehicle. They hide behind some rocks, staring at a group of Firstborn Children who are raising some sort of sign in a field. Ava asks just what they're doing and Beatrice says that they're building something. "A prayer circle? In a field?" wonders Ava. Miguel tells them to stay, that he'll get a closer look. Beatrice tells Ava that Miguel is hiding something and they don't know what. Ava tells her she's jealous, that she doesn't like it when she makes new friends. Beatrice calls it absurd, saying that what she dislikes is her rash decisions and poor judgment threatening to get them killed. Ava tells her it won't happen this time that she's not the same person she was before.

As Miguel returns, the zealots chant "Adriel, Adriel, Adriel," standing before Adriel's cross. They see something that looks like smoke, but Beatrice sees that, "It's alive". It's a swarm of locusts. As they get back on the road, they wonder how it is that Adriel has amassed such a following so quickly. Miguel says that people are desperate to believe in magic. Beatrice calls the locusts "strange" and Miguel wonders what she's seen if that barely makes a dent. A locust flutters about in the car. Beatrice catches it, saying it's just a typical specimen, nothing remarkable. Miguel asks just who they really are. Ava tells him they're undercover tactical nuns. "Fine, don't tell me", replies Miguel.

In the fight[]

Beatrice discusses the situation with Ava, saying that Adriel is manufacturing Biblical plagues. Ava tells her they need to go back, that they know what's coming, that there's a large list of plagues. Beatrice says she has to still prepare her, that she's not ready. She says she cannot watch her die. "Fine, okay", Ava agrees, and Beatrice says that they can find things out through Miguel and the Samaritans, but that the Samaritans are just amateurs and they don't really know Miguel. If they fall, so does the world. Ava asks just what they're supposed to do and Beatrice tells her it's to keep training. Ava says she can't just sit it out and Beatrice asks if this is because Miguel is easy on the eyes. "Because he's in the fight", Ava tells her. Miguel gets back in the car, saying that they could break into the headquarters. Ava tells him they have a shift at the bar.

Mother Superion and Camila are in Madrid, Camila using a tablet to track something or someone. She points at something. "The flower shop? That's the OCS Madrid HQ?" asks Mother Superion, incredulously. Camila tells her the coordinates match. Superion tells her to be on guard. They enter, finding the place a wreck, dirt and flowers all over the floor. Suddenly, Yasmine Amunet appears before Superion. She orders her to identify herself and then Camila takes her from behind. Yasmine pleads with them to not hurt her. Camila eases her grip and Yasmine identifies them as being with the OCS and Mother Superion by her title. Superion asks just who she is and she gives her name, saying they answered her call. She admits to not being with the OCS, saying there's something they need to see.

Yasmine takes them down into a basement. It is a slaughterhouse there, just like what happened back at the main OCS headquarters. Mother Superion kneels and says a prayer for the dead sisters in Italian. Camila tells Yasmine that it was a coordinated surprise worldwide attack. She asks just who Yasmine is and how she knew to come there. She tells her she's a PhD candidate studying archaeology and the Crusades at La Sapienza. Camila points out they don't teach about the OCS. Yasmine apologizes for their loss saying she's been waiting her whole life for this moment, but she can't tell them her reason for being there, that she's sworn to only say it to the Warrior Nun.

Back at the bar, a woman comes up to Beatrice, asking if her alone, and saying that she's been watching her watch Ava for 20 minutes. She says there must be something Beatrice wants from her. "To listen to me for once", quips Beatrice. The woman says that she has a friend like that too and Beatrice asks how she deals with it. "I make it very clear to her that she's not my only friend in the world", she tells her. "What if she is?" asks Beatrice. "Poor thing", comforts the woman in Spanish. The woman describes Beatrice as "contained" and Beatrice agrees with this being "painfully accurate". The woman says she has a fire burning to be free inside her.

Interrogating a follower[]

Miguel rushes into the bar, telling Ava that they have captured one of FBC and that she needs to come with him. She says she's working, and he tells her that she said the fight is important and they have a chance to interrogate one of Adriel's followers. "You're right", agrees Ava, staging an accident so she can go with him. "We gotta go", she tells Beatrice. "Thank you for the talk", Beatrice tells the woman. Miguel tells Ava they'll get her stitched up, but she explains it was a trick, that she used fake blood. He is stunned she is just carrying it around, but she tells him a magician never reveals her secrets. Beatrice asks just what's going on, saying they're talking about a kidnapping. Ava asks if she's really in the fight. "Fine", agrees Beatrice reluctantly.

Back in Madrid, Superion says that it's time to go, that they could be watching the place. Yasmine says she has a room, but Superion says they already have one. Camila stuns Yasmine with a tranquilizer. "You were thinking blindfold?" she asks a stunned Superion. Elsewhere, Lilith wanders an empty house when a woman opens the door and enters. "Hello, Mother", she greets her.

In the dark of night, Ava, Beatrice and Miguel pull up at a building. They enter and see a man tied up, his face bloodied. There are very few people and Miguel explains that their branch has only recently organized. Ava points out that the Firstborn Children have an army and they hardly know anything about them. "Let's change that", suggests Miguel. He heads over to the chained follower. "Where did you find him?" asks Ava. "Caught him wandering off from the others", one of the Samaritans tells her. "Matteo Russo" reads Miguel from an ID. He asks Matteo when he decided to become a soldier for evil. The FBC follower tells him he will burn in Hell. Miguel tells him it will be a long night if he doesn't tell him everything. As Miguel begins beating on him, a demon appears surrounding him, which Ava can see. "Perfect", she mouths to Beatrice telling him he has a "thing" on his soul. Beatrice asks what she needs to do and Ava admits to not having thought that far ahead.

Somewhere in Madrid, Father Vincent wanders the streets. He is greeted warmly by a couple, who ask him if he came for the Apostle's Festival. He asks if they believe in miracles, telling them they're everywhere. He tells them that the angel Adriel is among them as locusts swarm around them. People start screaming. Adriel appears, telling them to not be afraid. He shouts it and the locusts all die and fall to the ground. He tells the crowd that with faith, no danger may stand before them. "So my will be done", he declares.


At the Vatican, Pope Duretti watches the news, asking if it is real. He tells the cardinals not to get ahead of themselves as they marvel over the news. One of them, Cardinal Rossi, says that it all appears to be genuine. Duretti tells him that if he's so easily impressed, he should Google David Blaine. The others state that Adriel is inspiring devotion and becoming more powerful, a threat to the Church. Duretti says that acknowledging Adriel will give him validity, but quietly they need to find out everything they can about him.

Lilith and her mother sit at opposite ends of a table. They have a tense conversation in which her mother criticizes her appearance and chastises her for having been "passed over" for the Halo. When Lilith says she wasn't passed over, she asks "May I see it then?" She calls her all excuses and no action. Lilith chuckles at this, saying she has the scars to prove otherwise. She says her mother only cares about her expectations of her daughter. Her mother tells her she's accepted the only reality that counts, that her daughter will never be the Warrior Nun. "Cheers", she tells her, taking a drink. Lilith just stares.

Yasmine tells Superion and Camila that her family has for millennia vowed to protect the world against Adriel's return. She describes her order as being an adjunct operation of the OCS, one very good at keeping secrets. She continues that hers was created by Sister Cora, direct successor to Areala. She tells them that they know how to stop Adriel, that they need to find the Warrior Nun. She says she's been sworn since birth to follow a specific protocol, her secret only to delivered directly to the current Halo-bearer. She asks if they will take them to her. "Send the call", agrees Superion.

Back at the Samaritan building, Miguel tells Matteo that Adriel is buying his faith with cheap parlor tricks. Matteo just curses. He then turns to Ava, saying she was there at the Vatican and knows the truth. Ava claims that he has her confused with someone else. He tells her to return what's rightfully Adriel's, that he's the true bearer of the Halo. Beatrice punches him in the throat before he can finish his statement, saying that theological grandstanding annoys her. He then breaks his bonds, wrestling Beatrice to the ground. The demon surges and Ava pushes him away. They fight and Miguel tries to intervene but is easily punched away. Ava goes at him but gets tossed to the ground as the demon rears again. The power of the Halo activates. She punches him to the ground, then hits him several more times, expelling the demon. It tries to go after Beatrice, but Ava shouts and implodes it. "He was possessed", Ava explains to the other Samaritan, saying that there are more things in heaven and Earth. "What's that on your back", asks the volunteer, and Beatrice tells Ava it's time to go, that they've been exposed.

Adriel's offer[]

Lilith wanders outside her home, complaining that her mother doesn't understand. She punches a statue in anger. She then says that her mother is right, that she's a monster. "We need help", she says. Back at the Vatican, Pope Duretti tells Cardinal Foster to cheer up, that they've weathered storms in the past. He replies that it's always with a map to guide them. Pope Duretti agrees that they're in uncharted waters. They walk into a room to find Adriel sitting at a table. Foster starts to make a move, but Duretti cuts him off, welcoming Adriel. He asks how he's enjoying the Vatican and Adriel says it's better than the catacombs. He asks Duretti and Foster to sit, but they remain standing.

Duretti asks what brings Adriel there. He replies that it was his home long before and they've used his power for ages, asking if humanity doesn't deserve a better world. "What about this world?" he asks. He says they could change it together. Duretti replies that a man powerful enough to do trickery such as his could do miracles without his aid. Adriel agrees he could wipe the Vatican away with a wave of his hand, but asks in Italian if it wouldn't be better to work together.

Adriel asks for a word alone. Foster says he will not abandon him, and Adriel calls it devotion, saying there's power in numbers. Duretti says he needs to be legitimatized. Adriel replies that he doesn't need anything, but they could do much together, until only one true religion remained. He says it's what he's wanted every moment of his life. He says that the previous emissary failed in his mission, that he never returned. Duretti tells him he will suffer the flames of Hell and damnation, that he casts him out. Adriel creates a rumbling, speaking a distorted, echoing voice. He gets in his face, telling him he owes him. He ends the rumbling and echoing voice, telling him the offer stands and to give it thought.

The call[]

At the entrance of a villa, Lilith pushes a button and Jillian Salvius comes over an intercom. She asks to speak with her. Jillian tells her she's not up for visitors. Lilith tells her she needs her help, that something's happening to her and she has nobody else to turn to. Jillian agrees she'll be right down. Liltih phases into the building and greets Jillian, "Let's not waste any time", Lilith tells her, and they head inside, where Jillian examines a strange glowing red and black formation on Lilith's shoulder. She asks if she's in pain and Lilith says she's fine. She uses tweezers to extract a bit of flesh when Lilith's cross pendant starts flashing with the OCS emergency code. "You've got to go?" asks Jillian and Lilith tells her she doesn't, that she has something more important to do, but that she needs to tell her sisters what happened to Mary.

At their apartment, Ava tells Beatrice that the two of them can't just run. Beatrice admits she doesn't know where to go and Ava says she should have listened to her. Beatrice tells her they can only change what will be. Ava tells her she's sorry and Beatrice asks if she really is, saying that people who regret tend not to repeat their mistakes. She tells Ava that she does whatever she wants, letting her emotions carry her. Ava tells her that she didn't ask to be paralyzed or dead, or to fight demons for the Catholic Church. She asks if Beatrice thinks it's easy for her, or her choices are clear. She shouts she's doing the best she can. She sits down and sobs.

Ava tells Beatrice she's sorry, but Beatrice says she's the one who's sorry, for everything. She tells her she's trained her whole life for this and sometimes forgets that she hasn't. She says it's her job to see her through it. Ava asks if it's really just her job. "And my pleasure", agrees Beatrice. The light of her cross pendant flashes with the emergency signal. She explains to Ava that it's a code only members of the Order can read and that they are being summoned. She says the code is used only in times of extreme danger. "We're going to Madrid", she tells Ava. She then says there's a second message. She tells Ava it's three words: "We've lost Mary". She sobs and Ava hugs her. Meanwhile in Madrid, Camila and Superion are overwhelmed with grief. The two women and embrace trying to comprehend the news.

Father Vincent clutches his own cross pendant, sounding the signal. He goes to Adriel, showing him the cross. "My Lord, Adriel", he addresses him. Adriel asks what it means. "The call of the OCS. The survivors are gathering", he explains. Adriel tells him he must join them.



Guest Starring[]


  • Nico Conde as Hans
  • Alicia Borrachero as Mrs. Villaumbrosia
  • Katrin Vankova as Frankie
  • Miquel Ripeu as Cardinal Rossi
  • Armando Buika as Cardinal #1
  • Christian Stamm as Cardinal Gunter
  • Kai Fung as Matteo Russo
  • Ella Kweku as Lucia
  • Alexander Carril as Customer at Tavern
  • Alex O'Brien as Young Father at Park
  • Eugenia Verdú as Young Mother at Park


"So, really, no bullshit. Who are you two?"
"You wanna know the truth? We're undercover tactical nuns."
"Fine, don't tell me."
― Miguel and Ava

"Don't worry. It's just a tranquilizer... Oh, you were thinking blindfold?"
― Sister Camila to Mother Superion

"I searched all my life for God's truth. Now I found it. Adriel is real. He's divine, and the Halo belongs to him."
― Vincent to Ava


  • William Miller is now billed as starring cast for his role as Adriel after being billed as a guest star in the first season. Despite being starring cast, this second episode marks his first appearance in the second season.



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