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No, but the sacrifices of pagans are offered to demons, not to God, and I do not want you to be participants with demons. You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons too; you cannot have a part in both the Lord’s table and the table of demons.
— Corinthians 10:20-21

Corinthians 10:20-21 is the fourth episode of the second season of Warrior Nun. It is the fourteenth episode of the series overall.


As a bizarre plague sweeps the city, Ava uncovers new revelations about Miguel — and Adriel's methods. Lilith explores new possibilities.


Miguel's surprise appearance[]

At the Prado museum, the team discusses the situation, Beatrice suggests that they might be able to pursue Father Vincent. Camila tells her that there's no way, that the police will be everywhere. Beatrice chastises her for abandoning her post and she tells her she thought she heard something. She tells her she put them all in danger.

They head off, putting Yasmine in the driver's seat over her protests. Mother Superion tells her she doesn't want her driving either, but she doesn't have a choice. Father Vincent hauls away a bleeding Ava Silva, with The Crown of Thorns still on her head. In a vision, she awakes to find herself on a slab in a dark place. She gets up, asking if anyone is there. Suddenly, the stones around her glow and there is an eerie whooshing followed by the appearance of two snarling Tarasks, then two more. Ava curses.

In an alley in Madrid, Ava wakes up, Father Vincent standing over her. He tells her she doesn't understand the forces at play. She tells him she understands he used her to set them loose. She promises she'll kick his ass when she can use her legs again. He tells her a confrontation with Adriel will end in her death and to put it off as long as she can. He leaves with the crown, saying he'll pray for her. "You know what?! Don't!" she shouts. She tries to pursue, slowly regaining her strength, when suddenly Vincent is tackled to the ground by Miguel and both fight. "Hello, Ava", he says before being blindsided by Vincent.

From the other side[]

Elsewhere, Camila plays the role of an innocent tourist with a police officer, then knocks him out and takes his gun. Miguel, still very much up and kicking, tells Father Vincent it will take more than that. He tells him he'll kill him. He kicks him, telling him he doesn't have a prayer. Ava continues to edge closer, even though Miguel is very much holding his own. He slams Vincent to the ground, takes the crown, telling him he's God's vengeance. "What the fuck?" asks Ava. He agrees that he owes her an explanation, but that they need to get away first. They head off.

Lilith and Adriel stare at each other for a bit, Adriel finally asking Lilith where her sisters are. She tells him she came alone. He tells her she'll find it difficult to kill him on her own, but she tells him that's not why she's there. She shows him her arms. "Reya's blood", he says. He tells her that she's something entirely new.

Sister Beatrice rouses Vincent, asking where Ava is. "It seems she has a new protector", he tells her, saying that Miguel took the Crown. Beatrice says they need to find Ava and Camila tells her she'll handle Vincent. Camila forces him into the van, which drives away, pursued by the police. Mother Superion tells Yasmine to be calm, that she'll get them out of this. Thus begins a police chase and Yasmine manages to lose them in the narrow streets.

At her villa, Jillian Salvius notates that the Arc has transitioned, operating at a low level without interruption now. She continues that she is hoping to find any detectable energy flow in real time with quantum frequency glasses. She says that there is a radiological current feeding through the Divinium. She goes over to Arq-Tech documents and curses, calling for her car.

Adriel's new plague[]

Ava asks Miguel if he followed her just to take the Crown. He tells her he came to help her, handing it over. She tells him she wants answers. He says there's things he didn't share with her when they first met, that he came to help her. "I came here from the other side", he tells her, saying that he can help her stop Adriel.

Mother Superion warns Yasmine to just keep driving and not stop at the cinema. They see the cinema on fire, with onlookers watching. Mother Superion says they've been compromised again and they need to disappear. Camila blames Vincent, but he tells her it wasn't him, that Adriel is everywhere. Meanwhile, Ava asks Miguel why he can't stop Adriel if he's like him. He tells her he's not like Adriel. She asks if he's even human. He tells her he's mostly human and got dragged into things, but he can't tell her the full details. She says he could have told her the truth back in Switzerland, but he says he couldn't until he knew for sure she was the Halo-bearer. He points out that she didn't tell him the full truth either. He admits, though, to having been caught up in having fun, that his life before was not fun. She tells him she gets that.

Their conversation is interrupted by a group of Firstborn Children, who pass by wearing gas masks. He tells her they need to hide, that they cannot find the Crown. Ava says that the fog is getting thicker and it could be the new plague, that they have to follow them. Miguel tells her he doesn't think it's wise. She tells him he can make the decisions when he tells her the full story. Meanwhile, Mother Superion's group is forced to abandon the van, it having gotten a flat tire. Mother Superion says they'll have to pray for another solution. "Thank you, God", comments Camila, seeing another vehicle. "Fine", agrees Mother Superion. She asks Yasmine if she knows how to hot-wire a truck. When she says she doesn't, she tells her Camila will show her.

As Ava and Miguel take a rest, Miguel seems weary for a moment. He tells Ava he had a weird feeling. She asks if because of Father Vincent hitting him, but he tells her he can take a punch. He asks if they're friends again and she tells him nobody she's met from the other side has been trustworthy so far. He tells her he was sent there so they could finish Adriel. He tells her that together they can kill him. She questions this, saying that she thought he couldn't be killed in this realm. He tells her only they can do it. She asks how, but they hear the sound of a woman screaming and follow, seeing more of the ghastly masked figures. Miguel's face briefly seems to go ghastly to Ava. He tells her it's the fog, that it's poisoning their minds. He tells her they'll have to fight their way past the guards, but she tells him she has a subtler idea. Thus, he climbs the wall, while she phases in. They find themselves in a graveyard.

A church for a cult[]

At his fortress, Adriel tells Lilith he's never seen anything quite like the scales on her arms. He asks what she remembers and she tells him that she was impaled on the Tarask's claw, that the world dissolved, and then nothing. "They made me this way?" she asks. He tells her that it was Reya who made her this way, that the sole purpose of the Tarasks is to take him back home. "She wanted to use me to bring you back", she realizes. He says that she didn't count on Lilith's strength, her free will. He tells her it's up to her to decide what to do with this power, her alone for the first time in her life.

Camila tells Yasmine that they're finally safe, that she can slow down. Yasmine calls it exciting, that she's shaking. Camila tells her it's because her blood sugar's low. "She's new?" asks Vincent. Mother Superion tells her she's none of her business. Camila then hands them some puff pastry on a stick, apologizing for the shape, as it's an "erotic pastries van". Elsewhere, Beatrice accosts an officer, taking his radio and getting info on the location of the "suspects". Jillian Salvius pulls up outside a new Arq-Tech building. She puts on her special glasses. "Gotcha", she declares, seeing energy streams in the sky converging to the building. She goes inside, finding a group of Firstborn Children on the ground in front of a cross, chanting Adriel's name. She again puts on the glasses, seeing energy rising up from them into the cross. One of them rises, seeing her. It is Kristian Schaefer.

Kristian comes towards her. She walks away, but he pursues. He asks where she's going, telling her to wait. He grabs at her and her driver pulls a gun, but she holds up a hand, telling him to just watch. She asks Kristian just what he's been doing to her company. He tells her that it's good news, that he's completing her mission. She asks if this is really true, that it looks like he's building a church for a cult.

Kristian tells her that they've a direct link with their new partner. She says he can't be serious, but he says that she of all people should understand, that Adriel spoke through her son. He tells her that it was a divine gift from Adriel, that he is a living miracle. She tells him she wants no part in any of this and is putting an end to it. He tells her she can't, that nothing he's done violates their contract. He asks why she would want to as the other followers arrive. He says she's in on this, that she helped to release Adriel from captivity. He tells her to open her eyes. "I trusted you", she tells him. She walks away.

Mass possession[]

Beatrice arrives in the graveyard, the air thick with fog. She has a vision of Ava telling her "It's too late, Bea. There's no point in hiding". Beatrice shouts that the figure isn't real and it vanishes. "It's a plague', she mutters. She continues through the graveyard, accosting one of the Firstborn Children. She knocks him out and takes his gas mask. Meanwhile, Ava and Miguel struggle through the graveyard. They hear a woman shouting for help inside a building. Miguel tells her they can't go in. Ava tells him he can wait for her there, setting off. Annoyed, but determined, he follows.

The two run straight into a gas-masked man, who tells them only Adriel can save them, asking if they accept him as their savior. "Yes", Ava agrees. "Then enter and be saved", the man tells them. They enter in a church and find a sermon in progress. A priest tells them that they allowed their fears to control them, but that Adriel is with them. He tells them his power is traveling through their bodies and they will never be alone again. Ava and Miguel agree that the fog is definitely a plague that causes fear and confusion. As a girl is that has brought forward to accept Adriel as her savior, Ava sees a wraith demon rising. Ava tells Miguel, and he tells her that he knows. She asks if there's anything else she needs to know before she goes to stomp it to mist. He tells her they can't expose themselves. "She's just an innocent girl", Ava protests, but he tells her it's not just one as demons can be seen all around them. "They're all possessed", realizes Ava, saying they must be the ones who targeted the OCS. The priest shouts that Adriel has healed the girl. "How many other places is this going on?" wonders Ava.

"Protect the Crown, I'll be okay", Miguel tells Ava. The priest asks who wants to be saved and he shouts that he does. He steps forward. The priest begins his litany and everyone prays for Adriel to save him. A demon appears and enters into Miguel. However, Miguel is fighting inside his body, glowing with the blue light of Divinium. He screams and expels the demon, which is now blue and visible to everyone. It explodes. Everyone screams and runs away.

In the van, Mother Superion says that they can't take Father Vincent with them, that Adriel will find them. He tells her it doesn't matter, that they cannot hide from him no matter what. "Better safe than sorry", comments Vincent. "Your pistol", she asks of Camila. "On your feet", she tells Vincent. She leads him outside the van and makes him kneel. She tells him to face her. She says she wants to believe his actions are not his own, that he's somehow been compromised. Addressing her as "Suzanne", he asks if she will shoot him and murder him in cold blood. "Like you murdered Shannon?" she asks. He tells her that Shannon was too strong and smart, that he needed someone he could control. "To unleash the devil", she says, pointing the gun. She tells him that Shannon was the best of them. He tells her that everything he did was in quest of a better world. She cocks the gun, but then pulls it away. "The rationales of fanatics", she says, pushing him tot he ground and breaking his leg. She leaves him.

Going home[]

Back in the church, Miguel tells the crowd that Adriel is not their savior. The priest shouts that Miguel has brought demons into their church and is an agent of the devil. Ava surges forward as the priest attacks. He asks what kind of aberration Miguel is. Miguel tells him to look in a mirror. She and Miguel fight their way through the crowd. Beatrice enters, joining the melee. The three of them battle their way through opponent after opponent, finally reuniting in the center. Ava asks Beatrice if she's okay and she admits that her leg has seized up. She says she might need her help to walk. "Ladies", points out Miguel, indicating the crowd, all of which are getting back up to their feet. "I've got this", declares Ava, but Beatrice tells her that there's too many, that they're possessed and will kill them all. She tells Ava to let go. Ava then uses the Halo to emit a pulse, which creates a blast, knocking the crowd.

At his fortress, Adriel tells Lilith that he saw many questionable things being done to his world and tried to stop them, only to be branded a monster. He says that their worlds are similar, with those in power doing anything to keep it. She says Ava was chosen, but he says it just happened, that the Halo is more than anyone knows. He says that he took the Halo from those who would use it for their own bidding and now he's found a way to balance the scales. "You, Lilith", he tells her, saying that she is his destiny. He tells her to look around, that she is the personification of power, a woman unleashed. As the air ripples around them, he tells her it's her doing, that she needs to accept who she is. He tells her she has more power than any Warrior Nun ever did.

Back at the church, a Tarask appears. Ava and Beatrice turn, only to find themselves faced by demons, which surge towards the Tarask. Miguel tells them to get the Halo out now. Energy pulses from the Halo and they rise into the air, while Miguel tosses a trident into the Tarask. Ava and Beatrice leap out of the church, but Ava looks pained. She tells Beatrice that it's happening again, that it's like someone is switching off the Halo. "I'm kind of paralyzed", she tells her. She says they have to stop Miguel, that he'll die if they don't. Just then, however, Miguel appears before them. She asks if he's okay and he tells her he's alive. She says they have to help the possessed people, but he tells her they can't, that the fog is moving in and the police are coming. She says they can't hide. He tells her he knows a place where they'll be safe. "Where?" asks Beatrice. "My home", he tells her.



Guest Starring[]


  • William Shephard as Preacher
  • Dariam Coco as Woman in Cemetery #1
  • Rita Raimundo as Woman in Cemetery #2
  • Alex Rico as Gas-Masked Man #1
  • Marc di Francesco as Gas-Masked Man #2
  • Alejandro Pantany as Police Officer
  • Raquel Ballester as Frail Teen Girl
  • José Escribano as Teen's Father


"I apologize for the food shapes. It's an erotic pastries van."
- Camila, handing out pastry treats to Mother Superion and Yasmine

"You are the personification of power, a woman unleashed."
- Adriel to Lilith




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