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Father Vincent is a character on Netflix's Warrior Nun. He is portrayed by Tristan Ulloa.

He is the spiritual and strategic leader of The Order of the Cruciform Sword. Behind the Man-of-God persona, he presents a vulnerability that is both disarming and attractive. A veteran of making bad choices, putting on the collar and devoting himself to the Church was trading one addiction for another.

For a time, he serves the fallen angel Adriel, manipulating Ava Silva into releasing him. He later comes to realize his mistake, atoning for his actions.



When he was a kid, he was a runner for the cartels. Over time, he was promoted to enforcer. He loved his job. In the meantime he got his tattoos. but then he "saw the light" and join the OCS. He thought he had a demon inside, but Warrior Nun who looked at him saw that he had no demon, that was just him. Pope Duretti describes him as having once been a pathetic drunk and barely-reformed criminal whom he offered a better path.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

When Father Vincent learns from the Warrior Sisters that the Halo has been put in the body of Ava Silva and that she can't be found, he goes to St. Michael Orphanage to ask Sister Frances about her backgrounds and her relations and he takes her file. He makes finding the Halo a priority for the OCS and also asks every priest, deacon, and nun in Andalusia to search for Ava. As the Sisters fail to find Ava, Cardinal Duretti pays a visit to Father Vincent at the Cat’s Cradle to put pressure on him. Father Vincent and the Sister finally find Ava at the Arq-Tech headquarters, saving her from a Tarask. Instead of taking the Halo from her and giving it to Sister Lilith, who is the next-in-line, he decides to give Ava a chance to be the Warrior Nun, as he believes that she may have been chosen by God. He explains Ava the history of the OCS and the powers of the Halo. He also tries to convince Cardinal Duretti and Mother Superion to give Ava the chance to prove that she is worthy of the Halo. After Ava escapes, Cardinal Duretti blames Father Vincent for the recent failures suffered by the OCS. He takes over supervision of the Order from Father Vincent and tells the Sister to steal the Shield of Faith from Arq-Tech. After the Shield is successfully stolen, Father Vincent pays a visit to Jillian Salvius, giving her the necessary details for her to retrieve the Shield, while in exchange she promises to stop chasing Ava. After he is informed that he is reassigned to Florida by Duretti, Father Vincent drives away from the Cat's Cradle with Mary, Ava, Camila and Beatrice. They arrive at the Arq-Tech headquarters and ask Jillian Salvius and Kristian Schaefer to help them finding Adriel's tomb to prevent Duretti from taking the bones. Thanks to his former connections in the black market, Father Vincent and Mary find an old map of the Necropolis that was stolen from the Vatican. In Vatican City, he infiltrate the catacombs with the Sisters. After the explosion in the Necropolis, as Adriel appears outdoors, Vincent approaches him, calling him "my master" and telling him that his plan to escape has succeeded and that the Arc is awaiting for him.

Season 2[]

Two months after the events in Vatican City, Lilith finds Vincent in Portugal and wants to kill him. He tells her that Mary is alive and leads her to Adriel's fortress near Toledo where she is supposedly captive, only for her to find out it was a lie to lead her into Adriel's hands. Later in Madrid, Vincent is among the crowd watching Adriel ending the plague of the locust swarm. Back in the fortress, he warns Adriel that the OCS is calling for a meeting in Madrid, and Adriel tells him to join them. In Madrid, he finds Beatrice and Ava and tries to take the Halo from her, however he fails to do so. In the Prado Museum, he successfully takes the Crown of Thorns from Ava and leaves. However, Miguel attacks him on the street and takes the Crown. Camila and Beatrice find him still laying on the street and take him in their van as a prisoner. Mother Superion decides to leave him in the middle of nowhere, injuring his leg. Before leaving, she blames him for his betrayal and tells him he is not himself. Vincent then goes to Adriel's cathedral, troubled by what Mother Superion told him. He tells Kristian Schaefer that he is excited with Adriel's upcoming show. Before the show, Vincent expresses his doubts to Adriel about their methods, however Adriel ignores them. Just before the show, Duretti exchanges some words with Vincent, disapproving his choice to join Adriel. When Duretti is burned to death, Vincent looks troubled. In the following confusion created by the Warrior Sisters, he takes the Crown laying on the floor and leaves. Ava finds him the next day near the cathedral. He tells her that he changed his mind about Adriel and gives her back the Crown. Ava brings him at Jillian's villa and asks him to show her how he communicates with Adriel with his divinium tattoos. The Sisters are not happy to see Vincent among them, however Ava tells them that they need him to defeat Adriel. Back in the cathedral, Vincent helps the Sisters infiltrate the building and destroy Adriel's cross. Later, he can be seen with the Warrior Sisters in their new convent, meaning that he is back at the OCS.

Physical Appearance[]

Vincent is a tall man of about fifty who has graying hair, a short-trimmed beard, and olive green eyes. He seems to wear a black shirt and black trousers with a jacket or coat more often than a cassock. He also always wearing small round glasses. Vincent always tries to cover his arm tattoos under long sleeves. He is a proficient street fighter and marksmen and carries a 9mm Glock 17 on his right side, he is a right-handed shooter.

Vincent's cartel tattoos are made up of various traditional marks including satanic and religious iconography. His post-cartel tattoos were created using Divinium after entry into the priesthood - likely after being assigned to the OCS. These designs be seen glowing in the final episode of season one when he is carrying Ava, thus foreshadowing his affiliation with Adriel. This is similar to the Divinium in Michael Salvius, which glowed when Ava visited him, who was also able to communicate with Adriel.


Powers and Abilities[]

  • Fight: He is seen to be good at hand-to-hand combat in the Vatican (season 1) and against Ava Silva and Miguel/Michael Salvius' in the streets of Madrid (season 2.)
  • Use of weapons: During his days as a member of the cartel and as a member of the OCS he is proficient with firearms.


In separate interviews with the OCS Newsletter, actor Tristán Ulloa and actress Sylvia De Fanti (Mother Superion) both felt their characters were closer than appropriate. De Fanti further explained that Father Vincent and Mother Superion are best knowing the deepest secrets about each other.

Ship Name: Vianne - a condensed version of Vincent and Suzanne.


Season One
Season Two

Memorable Quotes[]

"I know I'm supposed to absolve sin, but, being honest, I am... having difficulty."
"I don't seek absolution, Mother Superion. Only a measure of patience so I may demonstrate my penitence."
"Fine. I'll allow your actions to speak to your repentance. Bring them all home."
- Mother Superion and Father Vincent

"Father Vincent."
"Hello, Camila."
"Yeah, he's been... he's been born again... again.
- Camila, Father Vincent and Ava Silva






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