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J.C. is a character on Netflix's Warrior Nun. He is portrayed by Emilio Sakraya.

He is the charismatic leader of a group of alluring petty criminals, running their game all over Europe, getting into trouble and “robbing the rich and giving to themselves.” While most members of the gang are aimless souls, J.C. has real ambition. He has big plans for his life, but for now, he is committed to living in the moments.



JC's mom suffered and died at the hands of pancreatic cancer. J.C was supposed to go to college, however, the funds for his education were used for cancer treatments. He didn't care about anything anymore. He stole a man's wallet and bought a pack of gum. He flung a piece of gum at a board of airline destinations and decided that where it landed that was where he was going. It hit Geneva. He later met Zori and Chanel on his travels in the Alps, and picked up Randall in Amsterdam. They had been traveling together for 18 months before they met Ava.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

When Ava Silva calls for help because she doesn’t know how to swim, JC saves her. They eat and get to know each other but get interrupted by the rest of JC's party. Later on, they go to a party at the prison together. After Ava sees a demon killing two people, she runs and hugs JC, asking him to leave the party with her. They return to their place.

In the morning, Ava can’t figure out how to use the shower, so she screams when only cold water comes out which causes JC to run in because he thinks that something is wrong. They eat breakfast with their group; Randall, Chanel, Zori. Ava suddenly thinks that she doesn't belong there and runs off to the beach, JC and the others follow her there. He and Ava talk and JC tells her how he lost his mother.

Later, they go to the ARQ-Tech. Inside JC tells her to look sharp and dances with her, while dancing he trips a guard and Ava steals his access card to let Chanel, Randall and Zori in from the back exit. While walking through the corridors of ARQ-Tech, Ava sees a wheelchair with neural net and gets on to it. JC tries it too. As she is wandering around, she sees an artifact and they go into the room and have a moment. Just when they're about to kiss, JC gets a message to get out of there.

When security comes after them, Ava opens the door, JC assumes that she will follow him outside, but instead she locks the door and goes back in to confirm what she saw.

Later the next episode, JC saw Ava running and calls her name. He brings her back to their place. However, JC and Zori get into a fight about Ava being back. Ava tries to stop the fight between them, getting angry and showing a bit of her powers to the whole group. She runs out, at which point JC follows after her, later deciding to leave his gang behind and go to a new location with Ava.

JC and Ava take a ferry, and from there they decide where to go next but are followed by Mary and Lilith. Having to hide from ferry patrol in a bathroom, the romance builds and they begin to make out. Later, JC and Ava are trying to get away from Lilith but JC is momentarily knocked out by Lilith who eventually gets impaled by a Tarask. JC freaks out and calls out to Ava but Ava runs away.

Physical Appearance[]



Ava Silva[]

From the start, JC and Ava seem pretty into each other. He seems to feel somewhat protective of her, and even decides to leave his party to travel further with Ava. They have a couple of moments, but eventually only kiss and make out while on the ferry.





Season One

Memorable Quotes[]


  • J.C. is a major recurring character throughout the first season of Netflix's Warrior Nun, but does not appear in the program's second season.





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