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Jillian Salvius is a character on Netflix's Warrior Nun. She is portrayed by Thekla Reuten.

She is the CEO of Arq-Tech who has challenged the Vatican's power directly by making a discovery that could make religion obsolete.



She was told that she could not have a child, but used medical science to accomplish her goal and ultimately gave birth to Michael. Michael, however, was born with a unique blood disorder and had to be kept in isolation. Jillian has used divinium to keep him alive and has been searching for a portal to afterlife where they both could live without pain and disease. She has founded Arq-Tech, a biotechnology and cybernetics company, to help build the Arc, which she believes can be such portal.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

On an archaeological site in Morocco, Jillian Salvius and her assistant Kristian Schaefer excavate the Shield of Faith, an ancient Church relic made of divinium, which they intend to use to build the Arc. At a press event at Arq-Tech, Dr. Salvius presents a small version of the Arc, and is able to activate it as a quantum portal for around a minute in front of journalists. Also attending the event, Cardinal Duretti expresses concerns and requests the Shield of Faith to be given back to the Church, which Dr. Salvius refuses.

After reviewing the security footage of the event, Dr. Salvius realizes that the Shield of Faith kept in the building was glowing when Ava came close to it. She believes that Ava she may be a source of energy powering divinium. She hires mercenaries to find her.

After the Warrior Sisters break into the Arq-Tech building to steal the Shield of Faith, Dr. Salvius is desperate to find it back, as the Arc can't be completed without it. She gives another press conference during which she presents the unfinished Arc to journalists, announcing this technology can give access to afterlife. She also shows journalists a footage showing the OCS breaking into Arq-Tech, and officially asks the Church to treat her as an ally rather than an enemy, as she can finally prove that heaven is real.

When the Shield of Faith is about to be transported to Vatican City on Duretti's orders, Father Vincent tells to Dr. Salvius he can help her retrieve the relic on condition that she stops chasing Ava, which she accepts.

It is later revealed that Dr. Salvius has a son with a medical condition forcing him to live indoors, in the Arq-Tech building.

When Ava comes to see Dr. Salvius at Arq-Tech to know more about the Halo, she analyses it through radiology and finds out that it's an energy source made of an unknown metal different from divinium, probably coming from elsewhere in the universe. She also asks Ava to give full power to the Halo to measure the energy, while she connects it to the Arc to activate it. However, Jillian finds out that the Halo is not powerful enough to activate the Arc. She introduces her son Michael to Ava, explaining her the ultimate purpose of her research, which is to access afterlife to save him.

When Ava, along with other members of the OCS in rebellion with Duretti's orders, asks Dr. Salvius to help them find Adriel's remains, she accepts, as Ava tells her that the bones can power the Arc, according to the Journal. She lets them stay in the Arq-Tech building and provides them with everything they need to train. She announces to Michael that she's making progress in their way to afterlife.

When Sister Lilith joins her friends at Arq-Tech, Dr. Salvius checks her health and provides her with appropriate care. She analyzes the new skin on her injured arm and finds out the cells can heal instantly. When Lilith enters Michael's room, Jillian is afraid she is going to hurt him and tells her to stay away from him.

When Adriel is about to take the Halo from Ava in the Necropolis, the Arc activates and Michael passes through it, although Jillian tried to stop him. When Jillian is about to cross over to join him, the Arc deactivates. She cries as she realizes that she may be separated from her son forever.

Season 2[]

After her son Michael has crossed over the portal, Jillian Salvius has entrusted the management of Arq-Tech to Kristian Schaefer. She has installed the Arc and all necessary equipment in her personal home and dedicates her time to finding a way to reactivate it. At first, she observes that the Arc activates briefly every six hours, not enough for her to pass through it. Drones she has sent through haven't returned nor transmitted any valuable data.

When Lilith comes to see her to understand her skin transformation, Jillian tells her she should come back to the other side to complete her healing. This also gives Jillian a chance to know what happened to Michael on the other side. When the Arc activates, Lilith enters the Arc and successfully passes through, and is rejected back seconds later. She says she spent hours there and was not welcome, and the skin on her arms is burnt. Jillian observes that there are 107 minutes of footage recorded on the other side from her camera while she was away only for 7.8 seconds. Lilith refuses to make another attempt and leaves. When Jillian watches the footage with quantum frequency glasses, she can see the face of a being from the other side.

Jillian later observes that the Arc remains permanently active at a low level, due to a flow of radiological current that she can see with quantum frequency glasses. Following the current to its source, she realizes that it comes from Adriel's Cathedral, a building that she bought for Arq-Tech and has now been transformed into a place of worship by Kristian Schaefer. In the cathedral, she sees Kristian, now a member of the Firstborn Children. Kristian tries to convince her to join them, reminding her of all she has already done and telling her that Adriel can help her find what she has hoped for. Jillian is furious that Adriel used her son and her science to achieve his goals and that Kristian helped him with the Arq-Tech funds and technology.

When Mother Superion, Sister Beatrice, Sister Camila, and Ava come to Jillian to ask for her help after the OCS chapters were attacked, at first she refuses, until Miguel announces that her son is here. Jillian doesn't recognize him at first, as he is around fifteen years older than he was when he passed through the other side and is now a young man. Jillian tells the sisters that Lilith left and that she's going through a mental and physical transformation. She apologizes to Michael for not being able to understand that building the Arc would serve Adriel's plans. Michael replies that she couldn't know and he is grateful to her for trying everything to cure him. He tells her that he was raised by Reya while he was on the other side was and sent back on Earth to defeat Adriel, although he doesn't want to tell her how. She shows him the footage taken from Lilith's camera on the other side, which convinces him that Reya's plan to defeat Adriel is the only way.

After Beatrice found out that Camila has a small cross embedded into her neck, Jillian puts her quantum frequency glasses and realizes that a flow of energy is coming from Camila while she is praying. Jillian understands that Adriel and Kristian have been able to convert the prayers of worshipers into energy and to control this energy through conductive infrastructure to power the plagues and activate the Arc. She suspects that Adriel plans to use the Arc for himself.

Jillian Salvius helps the OCS plan their attack in Adriel's cathedral, staying behind with Mother Superion. However, the plan fails while the Firstborn Children break into her home and successfully take the Arc, Jillian and Mother Superion not being able to destroy it. Jillian is here when Mother Superion is revived to life by the Halo and is impressed. She is also impressed to see how Michael is almost instantly healed from his injuries by the divinium inside his body. She understands that Michael wants to sacrifice himself to kill Adriel. Both share an emotional moment together, Jillian being visibly afraid to lose him again. They later assume that the Arc must be kept in the undergrounds of the cathedral, right under Adriel's cross. However, she tells the sisters the Arc is in another location in the building, after Ava told her to do so to protect them.

Before Michael and the sisters leave for the final assault, Jillian and Michael share an ultimate moment together. Jillian tells him she loved being her mother. Michael tells her that whatever happens to him, he will always love her. Michael's last words to her are "I'll see you again".

Physical Appearance[]

Jillian Salvius is a tall and slim woman with short blonde hair.




Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Memorable Quotes[]

"Heaven does exist, because I discovered a gateway to it."

"There is something out there. It's right here, next to us, existing on a parallel plane."





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