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Sister Lilith is a character on Netflix's Warrior Nun. She is portrayed by Lorena Andrea.

She was born into an elite family, she is a legacy Nun and committed to her beliefs, which causes her to overstep and over-reach in her entitlement.



It's been known that her family has been serving the church for six generations as the Halo bearer.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Sister Lilith's primary focus has been to become the Warrior Nun. After the death of Sister Shannon at the start of the season, she was next in line as the new Halo-Bearer, before it was embedded into Ava.

Cardinal Duretti gives her the mission to hunt Ava down and retrieve the Halo even if it means Ava's death. She comes into conflict with Shotgun Mary who stops Lilith from killing Ava several times. During the final confrontation between Ava and Sister Lilith, she stabs a Divinium knife into Ava's back which caused the Halo to activate, attracting the Tarask. As the Tarask tries to kill Ava, Sister Lilith protects her and is impaled by the Tarask's claw. Before dying, Lilith encourages Ava to fight, and she is dragged by the Tarask when it retreats to the other side.

At the Cat's Cradle, a memorial service is held in her honor by the Warrior Sisters. Sometime later, Sister Lilith returns to the Cat's Cradle and realizes that Father Vincent, Sister Beatrice, Sister Camila and Mary escaped after the arrival of the Reject Nuns. She reunites with them at Arq-Tech and is put on a recovery bed as she is weak and wounded. She tells them that she doesn't remember anything after being impaled by the Tarask. She apologizes to Ava for trying to kill her and says she should have fought on her side instead of listening to Duretti. Lilith realizes that her skin is mutating on her arm where she was injured.

When her friends go to Vatican City, Lilith stays at Arq-Tech to rest. Jillian Salvius runs some medical tests on her to check on her health. When she analyzes the new skin from her injured arm, she finds out that the cells can heal very fast. When Jillian is with her son Michael Salvius, Lilith joins them and learns from him that Ava is going to enter Adriel's tomb. Lilith is urged to stop her and uses her new teleportation abilities to transport herself into the Necropolis.

In the Necropolis, Lilith's friends are surprised to see her here. She tells them that the Halo cannot enter Adriel's tomb and tries to stop Ava. Mary speaks to her to remind her of who she is, while Ava enters the tomb. Then Lilith helps Beatrice put explosive charges to open the tomb, as Ava ihad not returned. When Adriel emerges from his cell and sees Lilith, he is aware that she visited the other side and asks her what she is. Lilith flees along with her friends to escape from the wraiths.

Season 2[]

After the events in Vatican City, Lilith has tried to find Father Vincent to get vengeance. She eventually finds him in Portugal and prepares to kill him. Vincent tells her that Mary is alive, captive in a fortress in the desert near Toledo. As they arrive at the fortress, it turns out it was a lie to drag her into Adriel's hands. Vincent urges her to join the Firstborn Children and to serve Adriel. Lilith refuses and escapes the fortress. She teleportates to her family's home to visit her mother, who shames her for not being the Halo-bearer as planned.

Lilith then goes to ask Jillian Salvius for help to understand what she has become since she returned from the other side. When Jillian sends her though the Arc with a camera, Lilith is brutally sent back just seconds after, the skin of her arms burnt. Lilith says she spent hours in the other side and was not welcome there. She refuses to make another attempt and goes back to Adriel's fortress to get explanations about her situation.

At the fortress, Adriel greets Lilith and explains her what he thinks has happened to her. He says Reya has sent her back from the other side with powerful abilities to retrieve both the Halo and Adriel, more efficiently than the Tarasks which can't stay permanently. He also tells her that she has strength and can decide whatever she wants with this power, instead of being used by Reya. He puts his fingers over her eyes, giving her the ability to see wraith demons. Lilith also realizes that she has grown huge retractable wings. Adriel tells her they can both accomplish great things together and create a new world, which Lilith seems to agree with.

When Ava prepares to plant a signal relay on the roof of Adriel's cathedral to control the plague generator, Lilith stops her and they fight on the roof. When Ava is about to put the Crown of Thorns on Adriel's head, Lilith interferes again. They both fight and Lilith eventually has to retreat after being injured.

During the final fight in the basement of the cathedral, Lilith easily kills Michael Salvius and prepares to take the Halo from Ava, who fights back against her and Adriel. When Ava detonates the Divinium bomb inside Michael, failing to kill Adriel, Lilith seems troubled and stays away. After Adriel is killed by the Tarasks and Ava is badly injured, she says that the only solution to save her is for her to pass through the Arc, which Ava agrees. Lilith and Beatrice help Ava enter the portal. Lilith tells Beatrice it was the right thing to do and says she hopes they will be on the same side in the holy war that is coming.

Physical Appearance[]

Lilith is a tall young woman with light brown skin, dark brown eyes and long dark brown hair, with a strong bone structure. Her other notable features include her high, wide cheekbones and long pointed nose. She bears a slender, toned and muscular figure from her vigorous training as a Nun. She is possibly of mixed Latin American heritage.

Season 2, she manifests major changes to her appearance, developing black snake-like scales on her arms, and huge red and black dragon-like wings on her back which also display a blue glow, she could have also possibly developed scales on other parts of her body too. According to Adriel, her body was changed/transformed by a supernatural entity as a means of overpowering Adriel and leading him back to his original realm.

Throughout Season 1, she dresses in the typical attire for Nuns at the OCS- consisting of full-length black robes, black shoes with a matching headscarf/veil, sometimes also wielding weapons for defence. She also sometimes wore a golden medallion around her neck.

In Season 2, she takes a more individualistic style to dressing, abandoning her nun attire. One of her outfits being a sleeveless black top with matching trousers. During her one-on-one fight with Ava in episode 7, she wears an ornate black leather jumpsuit, that shows off more of her figure- compared to her nun uniform, with gold adorned on the top and sleeves, black platform boots, a black choker with small silver details and small golden hoop earrings, she also wears black eyeliner and a silvery eye shadow on her eyelids, her hair is also exposed and tied back into a bun with a quiff and she wears possibly white nail polish. When Adriel proceeds to change her vision "to see who she truly is", he puts fiery hands on her closed eyes leaving Lillith with black burn marks beneath her eyes, and the ability to see the demons. These burns develop into black scales too by Episode 7. By the end of episode 8, black scales also cover her cheeks and much of her forehead.




Sister Lilith believes that the Halo rightfully belongs to her and disliked Ava from the beginning. She believed that the Halo belonged to someone skilled and devout to the cause. When Ava ran away from the Order, Sister Lilith was charged by Cardinal Duretti to bring the Halo back. After Lilith turns herself over to Adriel, she and Ava again find themselves in conflict, with Lilith directly attacking Ava to try to stop her from placing the Crown of Thorns upon him to restrain his power.

Shotgun Mary[]

Sister Lilith used to be a best friend with her, Sister Beatrice, and Sister Shannon. Due to the succession of Sister Shannon as the Halo bearer, their relation got worse as Sister Lilith felt she is the one who deserved to be the Halo bearer because of her family background.


In seasons 2 episode 5 Sister Lilith joins Adriel as his right hand after he proceeds to change her vision so that she can see "reality". Being with Adriel meant fighting a war that was already won, and she did not mind taking on the Order that never saw her true potential.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Teleportation: Lilith briefly phases away, then reappears on the monitors.
  • Demon Claws: Lilith can spawn claws from fire, giving her long talons, which she can use to injure, maim and dismember her opponents, as she did with Crimson.
  • Healing Factor: Wounds or even broken bones heal in seconds.
  • Wings:
  • True-sight:


  • Master Hand-to-hand Combat:
  • Multilingualism:
  • Marksmanship:
  • Swordsmanship:


Season One
Season Two

Memorable Quotes[]

"I have trained harder than anyone else"






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