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Mary is her name or better known as Shotgun Mary is a character on Netflix's Warrior Nun, appearing in the first season. She is portrayed by Toya Turner.

She is deeply loyal to the Order of the Cruciform Sword, but generally views the broader Catholic Church with suspicion. She escaped family tragedy and was raised with religion, but never really took to it fully. Naturally, she has a chip on her shoulder about loyalty. All the nuns know they can count on Mary to have their backs.



Shotgun Mary revealed in Episode Isaiah 30:20-21 that her mother was in prison, serving a life sentence for murdering her abusive husband. After her mother was sent to prison, Mary was put into various foster homes before being sent to a Catholic school on the "States dime". She later finds the Order of the Cruciform Sword (OCS), and she felt it was meant to be her family. Although neither religious or a nun, she is still very loyal to Father Vincent and to OCS.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Mary believes that Ava should keep the Halo and prevents Lilith from taking the Halo from Ava. Mary and Lilith fight several times as they try to be the first to reach Ava, who, taking advantage of their distraction, successfully escapes from them. Mary eventually outruns Lilith and tries to convince Ava to stay with the OCS. She brings her to a village where the OCS has been active the previous year to help eradicate wraith demons that had possessed many inhabitants. As Ava detects a possessed man in the village, Mary shows her how to successfully exorcise the wraith demon. Mary is ultimately respectful of Ava's decision not to stay with the OCS and live her own life and tells her she will not force her to come with her, although her mission was to do it. During their stay in the village, she teaches many things to Ava about the history and principles of the OCS and shares a little about her personal history.

Season 2[]

Mary is mentioned several times in the first three episodes. In the first episode, Ava tells Sister Beatrice not to forget to ask Mother Superion if she has any news from Mary, Beatrice replying that she always does. However, Mother Superion hasn't heard of Mary, and when Sister Camila tells her that she had a dream they were reunited with Mary, Mother Superion replies that they should be prepared to the possibility that she's dead. As Lilith finds Father Vincent and wants to take revenge after his treason, he claims that he knows where is Mary and leads Lilith to a fortress in Toledo where Mary is supposedly kept in custody by Adriel.

However, it was a lie to attract Lilith into a trap. Vincent explicitly states that Mary did not survive and is in the next life. In the next episode, as Lilith just arrives at Jilian's estate, she sends an encrypted message to the OCS sisters to inform them that Mary is dead. Ava and Beatrice as well as Mother Superion and Sister Camila can be seen crying as they receive the message. It is not explained exactly how she died, what happened to her body, and whether a funeral or ceremony could be held in her memory.

Physical Appearance[]


She is a fierce and abrasive woman who rarely lets down her guard. It is shown throughout the series that she has trust issues. But later on, she shows a bit more caring side of her personality. Mary gradually becomes very close with and protective of Ava.



  • Hand-to-hand combat: Mary is a skillful fighter, she defeated Lilith twice while chasing Ava despite the fact that Lilith is one of the best OCS's warriors.
  • Marksmanship: Shotgun Mary likes using guns, especially Shotguns.
  • Leadership skills
  • Multilingualism: Mary speaks English, Spanish, and Esperanto fluently.


Season One

Memorable Quotes[]

"When you have two shotguns, you don't need combat skills" Proverbs 31:25


  • Toya Turner appeared as a starring cast member in the first season of Warrior Nun as Shotgun Mary, but is notably absent in the second season, explained as her character having been killed by a follower of Adriel. Showrunner Simon Barry later explained that Shotgun Mary was originally slated to return for the program's second season, but that personal circumstances caused Toya Turner to be unavailable. Rather than recast her, he and the other showrunners chose to retool the second season to account for her absence.[1]





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