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Michael Salvius, also known as Miguel, is a character on Netflix's Warrior Nun. He is portrayed by Lope Haydn Evans in season 1 and Jack Mullarkey in season 2.



Michael is the son of Jillian Salvius, a brilliant scientist and the head of Arq-Tech, a cybernetics company. Dr. Salvius initially couldn't have children due, then she used medical science to eventually get pregnant, calling it a miracle. However, Michael has suffered from a unique blood disorder, forcing him to live indoors in a lab, being infused with Divinium to keep him alive. He could hear Adriel's voice speaking to him, inspiring him drawings of a device, which Jillian used to build the Arc, a quantuum portal which she believed could lead her and Michael to a better world without disease and without death.

After going through the Arc and returning from the other side, Michael returns a young man. He has aged around fifteen years in what has only been some days on Earth. He was sent by Reya to help Ava Silva defeat Adriel.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Ava first sees Michael in an Arq-Tech lab when she sneaks in with her friends. Second time he meets Ava when his mom brings Ava to meet him as a way to explain the reason behind the portal that she is trying to build and thus lying to Ava in the first place during a test on the Halo. There Michael says he likes Ava because she makes him glow, since when the Halo is in close proximity, the Divinium particles infused within his body activate and make him glow blue.

In one of the episodes, Michael gives out an idea that he can hear the angels while he's talking with his mom. She says that Ava can't help them open the portal when Michael asks where she is, but Michael says she can open the door. When his mom asks about the door, he says “the door in the ground”, meaning the door of Adriel's tomb.

Later it is revealed who's Michael was really communicating with is Adriel and he has been talking to him through telepathy for a while. Adriel can communicate with Michael thanks to the special properties of Divinium combined with Adriel's abilities. Adriel manipulates Michael to draw up the plans for a quantum portal by seeding the idea that it would free the world from pain and disease.

At the end of the first season, his mom sees him taking out the blood filtration device bracelet he wears and rushes to see him. Michael says “he called for me and then the light came on and I saw HIM. All the ghosts were there and they were looking at me from the pit. Please take me to the ark. It’s almost time for me to go mommy. Your going to save me mommy the “angel” told me” and asks to be taken to the Ark that his mom built believing it was a gateway to heaven. While they sit and wait there Michael says “it’s going to open soon, my angel promised”. When his mom asks about the angel, if it was “the girl that came to see him who disappeared (sister Lilith), or the one who talks to you and gives you pictures” he nods yes. We find out that Michael was the one who been listening to the “angel” Adriel about how to build the ark and giving those said picture to her. Just as they were about to leave the ark activates. Michael says “do you hear that mommy? He’s coming”. He says “it will be ok, I’m tired of being in prison” and tries to run toward the portal. His mom thinks maybe they should go together or not at all (that it might be a trap). Then his moms coworker (who worked at the Vatican) comes into the scene after seeing the “ark ideas drawn by Michael” says “it’s divine will” districts her enough for Michael to slip out of her grasp and run to the portal and jump in while she chases after him. Then the portal closes behind Michael leaving Jillian on the other side while Michael jumps through.

Season 2[]

Michael is now a young man who was sent back to Earth by Reya to help Ava defeat Adriel, after spending around fifteen years on the other side. At first, Michael is enjoying life, because he spent his childhood isolated in a lab. Later he decides to accomplish what he was sent for and traces down Ava in the mountains in Switzerland. He is a usual customer under the name of Miguel at Bar La Vasseur, where Ava is a bartender, and only drinks water to keep a clear head. He is also involved in a local group of Samaritans to gather information about the Firstborn Children, the new cult founded by Adriel.

Before revealing his identity and his mission to Ava, Michael wants to be sure she is trustworthy and he tries to introduce her into his resistance group, the Samaritans. After a discussion with other customers about Adriel and his new cult, Miguel asks Ava what her thoughts are about the angel. She says she would like to do more. Later he goes with her and Beatrice, spying on FBC members praying on a field around a cross. The next day, he brings them to a Samaritans place where they interrogate an FBC believer possessed by a wraith demon. Ava has to display the power of the Halo in front of Miguel. Realizing how it could endanger them, Ava and Beatrice leave the country and join Mother Superion and Sister Camila in Spain.

In Madrid, Ava and the Warrior Sisters manage to enter the Museo del Prado at night and get hold of the Crown of Thorns, a powerful artifact that has the ability to seal Adriel's power. They are soon interrupted by Father Vincent. To Ava's surprise, Miguel comes out of nowhere and attacks Father Vincent. He manages to free Ava and grabs the Crown from him. Miguel later explains that he was sent from the other realm to help Ava get rid of Adriel.

Ava, Miguel, and Beatrice join Sisters Camila, Yasmine, and Mother Superion at Jillian's villa. They learn that Miguel is actually Michael, who has disappeared for the past 2 months. Because of the time alterations between Earth and the other side, Michael has grown up into an adult. He reveals that after crossing over, he landed in a desert and was rescued by angels, who took him to Reya.


As a child, Michael's personality and relationships are stymied by the nature of his illness. He spends most of his time indoors and never gets to truly enjoy life due to the possibility of his ending at any moment. After returning from the other realm, he is a changed man. His health and vitality allows him to appreciate life in a way he never did before. He has matured greatly and enjoys the time he is able to spend taking time in the world, but at the same time knows that his life is still likely finite and he must one day make a sacrifice, one which could save the entire world.

Powers and Abilities[]

Michael is human. The divinium inside his body is a source of communication with Adriel, who he believes to be an “angel”. He can hear his voice in his head. After being cured, enlightened and powered by Reya, trained for over a decade on the other side, Michael became a strong male adult with few enhancements.

His power and abilities include:

  • Superhuman durability
  • Enhanced strength
  • Accelerated Healing
  • Basic hand-to-hand combat
  • Wraith demons sight
  • Resistance to wraith possession
  • Power absorption


As a child he was kept by his mother in an isolated room for his own health and didn't have relationships other than with her mother. He had visions of "an angel", who turned out to be Adriel, speaking to him and showing him how to draw the Arc. He also met Ava and Lilith separately.

When he went through the Arc and arrived in the other realm, he was taken by angels to Reya and was raised by her during fifteen years in her city.

As he was sent back to Earth, he had a close relationship with Ava as he believed she was part of his mission to defeat Adriel. He came to Switzerland to find her and introduced her to his local group of Samaritans fighting the Firstborn Children. In Madrid, he saved Ava from Father Vincent after the Prado Museum heist, and they were both confronted with possessed FBC in a church. He tried to convince Ava that the only way to defeat Adriel was to blast themselves close to him with the combined energy of the Halo and the Divinium bomb inside him.

Although his time back on Earth was short, he also had a close relationship with her mother, thanking her for everything she had done for him as a child, and telling her that even after his death a part of him will always exist and that he will always love her.

Physical appearance[]

He sports pale skin, blond hair and blue eyes. With the Warrior Nun close by and Divinium activated by the Halo, his skin glows blue in places such as his chest. As an adult, having aged faster in the other side, he appears largely the same as he did as a child, albeit taller and stronger with somewhat less pale skin.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Memorable Quotes[]

"I like her. I glow when she's around."

― Michael about Ava

"I came to the mountains looking for someone. Somebody connected to my past."

― Michael to Ava and Beatrice

"I ran through the portal. On the other side I found what I thought would be Heaven. But it wasn't what I expected. It was empty, vast. I wandered in a desert, alone, terrified, until I was found by wandering angels. They took me to a shining city. To Reya."

― Michael to his mother

"I am the bomb"

― Michael to Ava

"On the other side, the nature of life is different from here. If I can stop Adriel, I may not come back. But a part of me will always exist. You made that happen when you built the Arc for me, and I stepped through. So please know that wherever I am, until the end of time I will always love you, Mum."

― Michael to Jillian





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