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Mother Superion (real name is Suzanne) is a character on Netflix's Warrior Nun. She is portrayed by Sylvia De Fanti.

She is responsible for training the Warrior Sisters and the Warrior Nun, and while she might not give the orders, she's the one who really runs the place. Having witnessed horrors as a child, she's burdened with the guilt of the things she did and didn't do while just trying to survive.



Before becoming Mother Superion of The Order of the Cruciform Sword, Sister Suzanne was the Warrior Nun and Halo-Bearer for three months. During a dangerous operation, she used the powers of the Halo against Sister Shannon and was reckless, resulting in the Superion's death. She was rejected by the Halo and bears the scars of the Halo on her back. She later became Superion of the OCS.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Mother Superion is first introduced to Ava Silva in The Cat’s Cradle. She explains her the effects of the Halo and watch her training. She thinks that Ava is not prepared to be the Warrior Nun and anticipates the Halo to reject her. When Francesco Duretti brings changes in the Order, reassigning Sister Beatrice and Father Vincent, Mother Superion advises them to accept this decision. She travels to Vatican City to have an audience with the pope, only to learn from Duretti that he just died. She stays in the Vatican during the conclave to elect a new pope. As Ava, Beatrice, Camila and Mary tries to access the Necropolis, Mother Superion helps them by stopping Sister Crimson and the Reject Nuns.

Season 2[]

As the OCS has abandoned the Cat's Cradle, Mother Superion and Sister Camila are hiding in another convent of nuns in Spain. After the FBC attacked all the OCS branches in the world, they go to the Madrid headquarters where they meet Sister Yasmine, who sent an emergency call. Mother Superion tells Ava and Beatrice to meet them in a secret OCS place in Madrid and inform them of the deadly attacks. Later, Mother Superion oversees the Prado Museum heist and leaves Father Vincent badly wounded to make him pay for his treason to the OCS. With the other sisters, she takes refuge at Jillian's villa, then she goes with Yasmine to a secret conclave summoned by Pope Duretti, where they are attacked by infiltrated FBC and saved by the other sisters. She plans the attack of Adriel's cathedral together with the other sisters and stays behind to protect the Arc. As the FBC attack the villa and take the Arc, Mother Superion is killed while trying to protect it. She comes back to life with Ava being near her dead body, thanks to the Halo, as she was a former bearer. After the final battle in the cathedral, Mother Superion is seen in the new OCS convent asking Beatrice to train the new recruits.

Physical Appearance[]


Mother Superion is largely devout and serious. She is dedicated to the protection of her sisters and her order. As the former Halo-bearer, she was strong and sure, but her mistakes caused the Halo to reject her. She learned an important lesson from this rejection. Despite her serious nature, she has been known at times to show a lighter side. She can crack or enjoy a joke even in the darkest of times and her non-plussed reaction to certain things indicates the bearing of one who has seen it all.

Powers and abilities[]


  • Master Tactician: Mother Superion is very skillful at making tactics.
  • Peak human physicality: Mother Superion is highly strong, she was able to easily overpower many enemies.
  • Master hand-to-hand combat: Mother Superion is a formidable martial artist.
  • Master Weaponry: It is shown that Mother Superion is very good at sword and stick fighting and she is a sharp shooter.
  • Multilingualism: Mother Superion knows English, Latin, Spanish etc.

Powers (former)[]

  • Supernatural sight: As the Halo-bearer, Susan was able to see wraith demons, including inside a possessed person.
  • Analgesia: Susan had the ability to be harmed but not feel any pain from it.
  • Healing: Susan healed from wounds or even broken bones in seconds. Wounds brought on by a divinium weapon take much longer to heal and can even be fatal.
  • Enhanced strength: Susan was much stronger than a normal human. She was able to knock a grown man across a room with a single tap without intending to.
  • Physical Invulnerability: Probably Susan could become completely immune to physical attacks.
  • Stun: the ability to stun a person by sending a pulse of halo energy into his body with the help of touch. Susan used this ability against Sister Shannon.
  • Force barrier: creating a protective barrier around itself. The barrier was spherical and capable of withstanding automatic fire from a dozen assault rifles.


Although she initially resented Ava and thought that she wasn't worthy of the Halo, she later appreciated her and became a mother figure to her.

Mother Superion devotes herself to all the Warrior Sisters. She develops a close relationship with Camila when the two are forced to hide out and later go on the run together following the rise of Adriel and the worldwide attack on the Order of the Cruciform Sword.

Romantic Relationship

In separate interviews with the OCS Newsletter, actor Tristán Ulloa and actress Sylvia De Fanti (Mother Superion) both felt their characters were closer than appropriate. De Fanti further explained that Father Vincent and Mother Superion are best knowing the deepest secrets about each other.

Ship Name: Vianne - a condensed version of Vincent and Suzanne.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Memorable Quotes[]

"My responsibility is to these girls. To the ones who have given their lives and the ones who are still here, ready and willing to do the same."

―Mother Superion to Father Vincent

"There are many ways to serve God."

―Mother Superion to Father Vincent and Beatrice

"Mother Superion says there's always hope. There's always another option."

―Ava to Michael

Cardinal Foster: "Mother Superion. You seem to be having difficulty accepting the Church's new direction."
Mother Superion: "It's always been my problem."

"God is in everything I do and all my work glorifies Him."
"Dolly Parton."

- Camila and Mother Superion

(in French) "Fulfilling my hope, headlong, I go towards glory."
"Talking Heads."

- Mother Superion and Beatrice


  • Sylvia De Fanti appeared in a guest starring in the first season of Warrior Nun, appearing in six out of ten episodes. For the second season, she was upgraded to starring cast, appearing in all episodes.




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