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The Halo is an ancient and mystical artifact that grants supernatural powers. After Areala got the halo, Whoever bears the Halo is The Warrior Nun. The Halo Bearer is the only one who can see the demons, except for The Tarask



According to Legend, Areala of Cordoba was a fierce warrior who fought in the name of God. She was gravely injured in a battle, but the Angel Adriel believed that Areala's journey wasn't finished and decided to save her. He gave up a part of himself - his Halo - and put it inside of her. It healed Areala and made her the first Warrior Nun.

Powers and Vulnerabilities[]

The Halo certain powers. Demons cannot touch the Halo, as demonstrated when a demon attempted to pick up the Halo, it caused his fingers to disintegrate. Some of these powers are given to all bearers but many are unique to each owner.

  • Enhanced Abilities: All abilities which a Warrior Nun had prior to being given the Halo are now enhanced which is why the Halo is typically passed to the most highly trained member of the Order of the Cruciform Sword
  • Supernatural Sight: The ability to see demons.
  • Resurrection: When the Halo was placed inside of Ava, it resurrected her which is something it had never done before. 
  • Levitation: Ava has the ability to levitate
  • Intangibility/Phase: Ava possesses the ability to pass through walls as well as have objects pass through her without bringing her harm.
  • Analgesia: Ava has the ability to be harmed but not feel any pain from it.
  • Healing:
  • Strength:
  • Shock waves:
  • Invisibility to metal detectors: Ava was able to walk through a metal detector without setting it off.


The insertion of the Halo into Ava Silva