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Yasmine Amunet is a character on Season 2 of Netflix's Warrior Nun. She is portrayed by Meena Rayann.

Yasmine is a scholar, journalist and a Coptic nun. She claims that the Crown of Thorns can help defeat Adriel and convinces the OCS to use it as a weapon against him.


Yasmine is a member of an order of Coptic nuns in Egypt dedicated to protect the Crown of Thorns, a device which is supposed to be used by The Warrior Nun to defeat Adriel. After Adriel was imprisoned by The Warrior Nun Areala of Cordoba thanks to the Crown, Sister Cora created this secret Coptic order and entrusted the Crown to them. During the Egyptian Civil War, the Crown was stolen by a British officer. Yasmine has dedicated her life to retrieving it. Her family is also related to the Coptic order, as she claimed that her great-grandmother's had a Coptic nun monastic hood. She is a journalist and a PhD candidate at La Sapienza, in Roma, in archaeology, focusing on the Crusades.


She is a young, slender, average height woman with brown skin, dark brown eyes and black hair. Who usually wears the uniform of her Nunnery. She appears to be of Egyptian descent.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 2[]

Shortly after the emergence of Adriel's sect, Sister Yasmine is granted an audience with newly elected Pope Duretti in the Vatican offices, to ask him about lost Christian artifacts for an article she is writing. Instead, she asks him whether he knows anything about The Order of the Cruciform Sword, which Duretti denies. However, Yasmine is able to intercept a phone call between Duretti and Mother Superion, giving confirmation that the OCS is real. As she recently heard about stolen antiquities recovered from the estate of a British officer donated to the Prado Museum, she goes to Madrid as she thinks that the Crown of Thorns, which she believes can kill Adriel, was in the collection.

In Madrid, Yasmine locates the local OCS quarters after an attack by the FBC and activates an emergency signal. After Mother Superion and Camila arrive, she introduces herself and claims that she knows how to defeat Adriel and can explain how only in presence of the Warrior Nun. Ava and Sister Beatrice join them in Madrid and steal the Crown from the museum with Yasmine's help.

Yasmine goes with Mother Superion to the meeting of religious leaders and representatives summoned by Duretti in a hotel in Madrid. She is able to escape with Mother Superion after the inside attack by Adriel's followers infiltrated in the meeting. Later, she helps the OCS entering Adriel's cathedral to defeat Adriel. She saves Camila from Adriel's followers and kills Cardinal William, another cult member. In the final scene in the new OCS headquarters, she can be seen wearing the OCS habit, meaning she has joined the order.

Memorable quotes[]

Yasmine driving: "AAAAAAAAA"

"Warrior nuns don't run, warrior nuns don't run"

"Maybe I'll just...sit here and bleed for a while."


  • Despite her actress being credited as a guest star, Yasmine Amunet appears in all episodes of the second season of Warrior Nun.


Season 2[]

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